B-Movie Entry: Cyril Corallo


i think its looking great guys, cohesive and ambient.

looking forward to seeing some animation, especially characters.

are you using any z-space plugins, or just sticking with manual scale tweens to help fake perspective shifts?


thx for all feedback.

I’m just using flash cs3, line tool et paint pot tool.

Some animations will come in 1 or 2 weeks


Software: Flash

wip giant space mummy design.


hey :wink:
Do you think the spinal column (vertebral column, spine ? in english… sorry) looks like a part of a robot ?
Perhaps you should make more vertebrea in different sizes… :slight_smile:


u f o design



Your 2D renders can be described in one word…


Yet another one to bookmark. :smiley:


very nice, colors, graphisms, composition, …^^


Software: Flash

thank you everybody, this is very encouraging.

Color thumb wip, hope you like it.


Hello Guys!! Outstanding work there!! Wonderful, vivid colours, can’t wait to see this completed!


Great job. I love the style of the drawings.
Very professional. Great job.


You must sell these backgrounds as wallpapers…:slight_smile:
Just Amazingg!!!
I’m really wondering how it will continue…
Wonderful colors and sketchs really…
This challenge is getting hot :)…


Amazing artwork!! Really beautiful style!
All the best to you guys!


Software: Flash

some new bg and character

thx and feel free to answer.


I loveeed it…


Software: Flash

final bg p_02bis and p_20


Software: Flash

p_03 bg

here we are !! i have finish the bg part of the trailer !!

now i will focus on animation and compositing !!

hope you like it !

HD still here :



Software: Flash

We are starting 2d animation, here some posing.

Hope you like it


I love the art direction and color work for this. Everything looks incredible. Can’t wait to see some of your 2D animation tests after seeing the animatic. Keep up the great work and best of luck in the competition.


This really is coming along I have been watching your progress over the past few weeks and I have to say its some of the nicest flash work I have seen in along time, I use flash alot myself and I know how good the program is but how difficult it can be to get something looking as nice as this, well done keep it up.


exceptional! the colorscrpt/storyboard is truly wonderful. i hate to not have any critique.