B-Movie Entry: Cyril Corallo


wow gorgeous stuff!
nice to see some flash on here, nice colours and great style…no negative comments at all!


Software: Flash

bg p_07

there will be a frightened child soon …


Incredible artwork. Sorry if this is dumb but, are you doing the whole thing in flash?


thx you, and yes , it’s full flash cs3.

Soon the mummy color and the p_22bg,



all looks very promising , i like very much cyan palette and overall look ( very nice compositions!)

this shot where light volume falls on street looks great!


Software: Flash

On this BG, there will be a doll on the ground…
but where is the child ? …


You seem to have a very good knowledge of color and composition. This looks like it will turn out very nice. Hope you are as good at the character animation as the flash work. Good luck.


Software: After Effects,Flash

Bg p_02 with a little compositing test.
And the title of the trailer, "The night

Play Video >>


beautiful :slight_smile:

reminds me of samurai jack and clone wars cartoons. Seems to me that you really know how to handle colors. good work!


Giant space Mummy and child design wip, by Manu !
Hope you like it


Software: Flash

I still have a few bg to do …


Very good ambience and color :wink:
Good luck for the rest of the animation


Oooh nice…


I’m really digging what you guys are doing with the lighting and the mood. Cant wait to see more!


I really like the design and style of your short. Specially the color script gives a nice feeling … i am already excited to see more :slight_smile: … good luck


Very nice ambience and designs. Good Luck.

Paulo C. Duarte


Software: Flash

Characters are all “place holder”, juste here to help me finding the composition.



This is really good! Like your style mate. Very interesting design. Simple idea but very effective. Cant wait to see this in 3d.

Wonder whats gonna be your 3d technique.


:curious: …

but mhhhhh…


Software: Flash

p_05 pan bg.

coming soon , u.f.o invasion on the left of this bg .