B-Movie Entry: Cyril Corallo


Cyril Corallo is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: very final video


Hello everyone,

The team “Rheo” enters the contest (Video Team)

The team consists of 3 persons:

Cg artist Cyril Corallo
Cg artist Emmanuel Briand
Composer and sound designer Jonathan.malnoury

We will focus on the achievement of a B horror movie trailer about Scary giant mummies invasion from outer space (of course) in 2d with original music by Jonathan.

Bye !


Software: Flash

this is our animatic, with 2 color bg to show the color direction.

Play Video >>


This is the first finished bg
FLash Cs3


Software: After Effects,Flash

it’s the compositing wip of the first plan

Play Video >>


Nice… Love the colours and composition


hi guys;
I really like the look of this one. Are you using the trace bitmap function in Flash? If so, would you mind posting a drawing/scan whatever. I’d love to see what an image looks like before you run the filter.
Thanks, G


thx, i’m not using the trace fonction but line tool and filing form with color tool (paint pot ^^)

It’s vector drawing.


thanks very much for the info.
I’m guessing English isn’t your first language. You probably don’t need the ‘coming’ in your title. something like: "Invasion of the 50 foot Mummies From the Moon’
Just a thought.



the title is temporary but thank you for the info :slight_smile:


I really like the color composition you have going on here. It sets a fantastic mood.


That s an incredible look! Very nice mood.:bowdown:


looking great! I love your concept. Timing looks pretty good too. Keep it up guys!


Looks lovely guy! Can’t wait to see more!


Software: Flash
thx you guys !

fake hd ( this is a jpg about 146k)


Software: Flash

it’s p_09 BG.
i Hope you like it


Looking fantastic so far :slight_smile:


Great style!


This is the W I P of the giant space mummy by manu !


Software: Flash

p_09 final bg