B-Movie Entry: Clement Oliveau


I love the farm set. The characters a quite nice too! Keep it up!


SLuedke : I changed that a little, thanks !

looksee : Thank you, I try to do my best (and to spend a lot of time on it, too :))


First part of the storyboard.

It’s the first time I make one, critics and suggestions are more than welcome :wink:


Software: Blender

Some progress in the animation : Franky is looking for the chicken.
Seconds 18 to 31 of the video.
Render time : 40 seconds; in the dark, 5 minutes with the light.

The first 18 seconds are almost finished, I’ll try to render them in the next few days.

Well…'Hope you find him cute :wink:

[Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/player.php?entry_id=111603)


Storyboard is really nice. Good job.

Render is well optimized regarding the time.

The animation is cool, but it feels like something is missing. Maybe if he would move a little faster, to have some more defined poses. Also add some secondary actions like maybe a fly that bugs him or maybe he coughs for a bit cause of the dust…

These are just suggestions. Great stuff man. I really like the colors.


great work.


I wanted him to have some weird moves. At some times he moves very slowly, at others he’s quite fast. Anyway I’ll see how it looks with the the rest of the video, and do some changes if necessary.
It will be clearer with the first part of the video.

I should have said that about three seconds after he appears, he hears some noise made by the chicken (just after he looks at his left/his right) and reacts. I will change that a litlle so that it’s more understandable (it will be better with the sound, too).

Thanks a lot for the critics ! :slight_smile:

bstout : Thank you !


Software: Blender


This is what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.
The final length of the video will be ~1min 50s.
Some more shots to come (7 or 6), with a lot more action, slow motion etc.
I hope 19 days will be enough…

Hope you like it !

Play Video >>


Software: Blender,GIMP

Here is my final video for the Individual category.

It has been made during the 3 months of the challenge, in my spare time.

Thanks, and good luck to everyone in the challenge !

Play Video >>


Beautiful look and great characters. Your chicken is way cooler than mine.


This does have a beautiful look to it. The framing, color, and lighting of the opening shot is fantastic. It’s too bad there wasn’t any sound to go along. Good job!


Lot of work done . I like very much open shot. Its looks realy nice!

Good luck!


Thanks ! Your video is awesome, it’s the funniest of the challenge. I hope the judges will take that into account :slight_smile:

Thanks gyromind. I put a lot of work into this shot. Unfortunately, I had to stop working on the video 3-4 weeks before the deadline, and then worked on it only during the last week. That’s why the end of the video is so bad.
I’ll try to do something better for the next challenge.:wink:

Thanks. I hope you’ll win a prize, you really deserve it.


Cool mood and lighting.Very nice work.
Good luck Leibniz :slight_smile:


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