B-Movie Entry: Clement Oliveau


An idea for the chicken’s head.


I got to admit, great work m8…

Fantastic character, cant wait to see it in motion.


I like your rooster sketches. A good combination of realism & toon! :slight_smile:


Love the chicken head Sketchs.


Thanks guys !

I just finished the head with a better perspective and some colors, time to work on the body now !


gj so far! I love the green guy, he looks dashing :slight_smile:


Really nice Franky model and concepts!! Good luck!


Fantastic work. I like your style. Frank char is awesomly cartoony.

Good luck m8.


Hi !

I just finished my second character, I hope you like it

And thanks for your comments !


really stunning, the chicken is perfect!
cant believe i just found this thread now…ill keep a close eye from now on!


Environment for the first scene.
I tried to keep it in the style of my characters, with a mix of realism and cartoon.

I’ll work on the storyboard now.

Comments/critics? :slight_smile:


Nice progress you have here! Best to you!


great work so far. modeling, texturing, design , colours all looks very good! like for me no comment, quality seems to be fine , so in motion it will look 2 times better :slight_smile:


I’m really liking the look of this. Very nice style. :thumbsup:


Great colors mate. I liked this character from the begin. What your render time? Layers?


Thanks Adib and Staszek, I follow your work closely, it’s excellent.

Thank you Webhead :slight_smile:

And thanks again Boris. The render time is about 7 minutes for the final resolution (640*360). I didn’t use lots of fifferent layers(buildings, ground/particles) and the compositing is basic.
I’ll try to optimize the render time, 5 minutes may be possible. Maybe three with different settings, I’ll do some tests and post the results.


Nice…its not too long. Great quality. What render software did you use?

Like your style. I’ll follow this thread.


Nice job so far Oli… That Franky looks a bit like me!:smiley:

Good luck!


I used Blender’s internal renderer, wich is quite efficient with particles and a simple lighting.

Thanks Greg. Good luck to you !


Nice environment and lighting :slight_smile: … just the size of the field looks a bit of but its minimal and since it is cartoony it doesnt really matter. Looking for more …