B-Movie Entry: Clement Oliveau


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Latest Update: Finished Video: The Incredible Tale of Franky : Final


Hi there !

I chose to work on a simple (in fact, on a stupid) story with a cartoon style : the main character, a little Frankenstein kid, tries to catch and kill chicken, while aliens try to stop him.
It would be named :
Franky’s back : the chicken odyssey
I think it’s bad enough for a B-Movie :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll all enjoy this challenge.

Good luck !


Will be on Franky’s TShirt.


More coming soon…
Hope you like it !


Loved the character style! Keep going!


Currently working on his spaceship


That’s all for today :slight_smile:


Franky’s model.
I’ll rig it, change the topology if necessary, and sculpt all the details.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

(yes, he won’t be naked)


I like how your character progressing…Very nice model.


Thanks !

The question is now : will he be green or not? :arteest:



Just finished the rig.
Time to sculpt now !


I am also doing a Frankenstein but on a more serious note. I dig what you are doing, good progress. I will stop by later.


Just been there
Nice to see another approach different and unique. Keep it up, green would be fine ( you can always try blue - its trendy now)


Great character, really nice clean shapes. Keep it up

Good luck


spray : Thanks! Your entry is great; and it will be interesting to see how our Frankys will look. :slight_smile:

fgdf : I think he’ll be green too. There are so many Na’vis now that keeping him green will be original.
Maybe I’ll make a blue version, just for fun :smiley:

Duncs :Thanks !:slight_smile:

Seems like my computer isn’t good enough for sculpting, I’ll need a bump map.
Not a problem (I hope!)


Franky…finished ?


I think it’s looking really good Clement. I like the exaggerated features and the colors. I think the mouth area could use a little work though. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Oh really nice! That latest renderpic came out wonderful, and you characters in general haa great style :slight_smile:
Keep going!


Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I will change the mouth a little and see how I can improve it.

I’ll work on the chicken too, some concepts to come.


First ideas