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I started doodling on the train ride to work (I’ll post those later tonight). I was doing a little brainstorming trying to think of the angle I’d like to hit this challenge at. There are so many genres and sub-genres, let alone ways one could mix those genres that it’s hard to decide. I’ve decided that in the spirit of CG Talk that I would share all my ideas, as I have them. Not to imply that my ideas are so brilliant that you should be blessed to read them, although some may be :slight_smile:

What is a “B-movie”?
[li]unknown actors[/li][li]low budget[/li][li]cheesy plot[/li][li]cheesy premise[/li][li]crazy antagonist (giant ants, aliens, zombies)[/li][/ul]I say cheesy plot and premise, because that’s the typical criteria the public uses to determine a b-movie, I believe. I am not saying it can’t have a great plot and great premise (just poorly acted or executed).

Then I started thinking about possible locations and scenarios. Here are a couple that occurred to me.

Killer Apes from Moscow! The Red Menace has some new Recruits!
During the “Red Scare” this film came out, playing on the publics fears that the Russians had some sort of secret super-soldier program. Giant apes enter the battlefield and only one intrepid steely-eyed, square jawed American with moxy can stop them, all while resisting the feminine wiles of Black Sonia a Russian double Agent.

This could be presented in several ways. Photographic, showing an amazing high-quality movie, Photographic, showing a cheesy movie with bad ape costumes, a thrilling pulp illustration, a russian propaganda poster style, or a more modern style of illustration.

A Fistful of Flesh! The Dead will Rise at High Noon!
Other pun titles, The Quick and the Undead! Red Undead Revolver!
A zombie apocalypse western in the style of Sergio Leone (whose movies are definitely NOT b-movies), but this take on it might be. This is actually an idea I’ve had for a while, wanting to really make it. Maybe this image could be the start of that.

that’s what I’ve got cooking in my brain so far, let me know your thoughts!



Hey, nice to see them juices flowing! Come to some of the same conclusions as me. I like the idea of cheesy space/sci-fi movies, and there is a lot of ideas to tackle. I’m thinking of going with something like a horde of small mutant-zombie-alien-plant eaters or something like that.

I’d first thought of trying something like an abandone farm or a closed down shopping mall (yeah yeah yeah, too much Romero), but I like your idea on trying out invasions in far fetched places. Might try giving that a think over. Anyhow, good luck! :slight_smile:


some layout sketches


Some little elements that might become something.


one possible look for a western hero or anti-hero


Good scetches so far. Will your apes be gigantic or regular sized? Good luck!


An evil mutant ape, mixed with Tor Johnson. 5 points if you get that reference!


Just playing around with possible characters.


fantastic work already and of course well researched…Nice going :smiley:



Looks really cool. Maybe the Communist Apes could have some sort of uniform or Red Communist Insignia in their fur? Something to give them a sort of imposing sense of order and leadership, even though they are wild mutant Apes. The flag you already have works well for this too.


Yeah, I had the same thought. I need to do some research on military garb for russians of ww2. Maybe give them the cossack hats :slight_smile: I’m excited about this one.


that really good sketches like it …good luck


Love the “Ape from Moscow” concept :slight_smile:
Right now i’m picturing a mad “cyborgorilla”, with a scythe for one hand and a hammer for the other, and blood dripping in the ape’s chest. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I defintitely need to do something with the hammer and scythe, cyber-mutant gorilla’s, interesting… thanks!


love the gorilla idea, maybe a electronic chips plug on there brain with antena showing that they are controlled by russian, good work !


Yeah I’m bouncing around between a lot of ideas. The latest is to make a crazy epic picture, combining elements from westerns, samurais, space sci-fi, mutant gorillas, giant robots and a giant monster. As diverse as that list is, I’ve got a way to unify it.

I love genre blending.

I’ve been reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and he pulls from all kinds of bizarre sources and makes one cohenrent storyline. I like this and will try to do the same.

New sketches soon!


Great stuff so far, I really like the Moscow gorilla, or world war mix with mutants. I think that has a ton of potential. Looking forward to more. Good luck man!


Gigant robot mutant gorillas and sci-fi cowboy samurais?
Not saying you should do that, just a random hint :stuck_out_tongue:
You know, things don’t always make sense in b-movies.


actually, that’s brilliant, they don’t all need to be seperate, I like the combo! Thanks for the suggestion!