B-Movie Entry: Christophe Fauconneau


Here is Nina my main character, i use four meshes and four eyes systems depending on animation and rendering needs.
I painted her facial textures with Ps using phototextures of my sweet Nina and hair shader.


My four nurbs and poly meshes are fully animatable, they are not meant for still.
More about Nina : http://christophefauconneau.cgsociety.org/gallery/850113/

Design test in fast motion with her body :


design test in fast motion :



Nurbs and poly face anim test :



fight motion test :


undetailed shading test :


shading test again :



wings shading test :



shading test :

I do most of my tests with lowres meshes and settings in order to render faster, then i check the ones that need to be smoothed and detailed.


This reminds me of tron fused with early music animation vids, minds eye and a few others. I love your light diffusion giving the silhouettes the focal point, really cool. I am eager to see where you are going with this, Best of luck


Thank you for your kind comment Joseph !.Tronic minds eye might be the mainframe/spirit of my trailer indeed.:thumbsup:

smoothed helico mesh wires :



helico ipr shading test, i reset wings glow and transparency values depending on the amount of helico i use in my insect-clouds scene, brightness is stronger when leaving previous settings and modify whole lighting :


test with several, there will be more :



helico shading test again :


my four Nina faces and eyes system in ipr :


face and body darkness shading test :


shading test in ipr :




Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Here is a low bitrate flv post of my making of, chronological edit from beginning, i will organize it for final.Wip making of.
Now i’m on postworking during two weeks until deadline.
I will update before.
Let me know if you have special request (characters, action ,design,…) that you would like to see in my movie.

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Software: Maya

This is the modeling part of my making of. Wip, i will put more wires in motion.
I will add for final post models with adjustments according to rendering and animation needs and legends.
Nurbs and poly modeling.

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