B-Movie Entry: Christophe Fauconneau


mesh of one of the many shapes of my main character without details yet :



you have a really interesting style, here! I mean, sure, I have no idea what’s going on, and your “2d storyboards” look like some abstract art in their own right, but it is definitely different from anything else being done for this challenge.

I see some people mentioned it might not fit into the “B-Movie” category. initially I thought the same, but after thinking about it and seeing some of your latest posts, I believe this could work with the theme. it’s hard to describe the style, but it kind of makes me think of what Tron might have looked like if they made a low-budget version of it in the late 90’s. I don’t mean that as an insult in any way. it’s actually quite slick! keep it up!


Thank you for your support nucron.
I will try some Tronic render. I am honored you feel it like that.


I didn’t get the main idea of the story but that really looks promising to me… I don’t know it fits b-movie style or not but it’s really brilliant and yeah it’s different from the others. Although we don’t know how your story will go(or maybe just me), but i think it seems perfect even now, keep going. Good lucks with your work :wink:


Thank you for your warm comment chino01
The story is about events that happen in the brain of a woman before falling in love.
I mean to use metaphoric figuration to describe it, with contradictory feelings that twist her head in many ways, different environment designs and a few secondary characters that haunt her.
This is a sort of psychotrip with insight and outsight of her head.
The feelings are the action, the action happens in her brain that represent the outside world, in where she is standing, deformed by her hopes and fears.

nucron & chino01
I will try to make a 3d storyboard (that will certainly be modified during editing).
Thanks again for your support.


Bookmarkin’ your thread,
Fans are waiting for updates…:slight_smile:


Thank you chino01

here is a few tronic design tries in ipr without details yet :



oh I am definitely with you, this is a B-Movie style! A trippy one, a different one… Many folks around just working on movies that are imho less -B- than yours since they try to replicate something what was -A- class in the time of its glory. Good luck!


Thank you Juraj. I try hard to avoid Z category.


intriguing update. I like the unapologetically digital look that you are going for. oh, and after looking at it again, somehow, I think I actually might understand what your storyboards are showing (by the way, you should make it into a poster or something, haha). what is cool about your film is that I’m not sure what it will be like when it is finished. as Juraj was saying, “B-movie” does not necessarily mean that you have to do what is expected based on the old stereotypes. not everyone will understand, but I have a feeling you will teach all of us something with your entry.


Waw!Thank you for your warm comment nucron.
Still 2d storyboard is for print, not for Imax screen and Digital 3d glasses yet.:slight_smile:

Here is a few design test with my undetailed meshes :

I’m going on with characters design, animation… and will update next week new renders and character designs.


a ghost motion test with my undetailed skel, mesh and shaders :



ghost motion test with ibl made with one of my previous rendering test of my city for background :

ghost motion test with ibl made with one of my previous rendering test of my city for background and two pointlights to preserve glow value :

I’m going on with it, will test some flesh and bones textures to put inside the ghost and will keep testing my other meshes.


wires in motion of my lowpoly helico-insect :

insect-clouds wires :



wires of my spider with skel in motion :

I am on several steps at same time, i show you as it it is coming.


fight motion test, i will test with several meshes :


great style. i love it.


Thank you Bill.:cool:

a walk-on between action that will appear here and there :


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Here is an update of my tests in wild editing. I’ve repeated several fields of view with different settings and colors scheme.
Nothing definitive.wip.
I will make a cleaner edit soon.

Now i focus on my main character, my secondary characters, animation and action.
I hope you enjoy

Play Video >>


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Here is 3 minutes of previous tests not edited. I have rendered more than 15 minutes of tests since the beginning of my thread.
Nothing definitive. I will make a more clean edit soon.

Now i focus on my characters, animation and action.
I hope you enjoy

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