B-Movie Entry: Christophe Fauconneau


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Here is an update of some of my previous tests.

I hope you have fun.

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Let me be the first to ask, what is that? And what has to do with a B-Movie?


That has to do with a Boom-Movie, a Brain-Movie !


Brain-Movie structure :

-she feels lost

-she feels despaired

-she feels scared

-she feels under pressure

-she feels bad

-she feels something is missing

-she feels he is offline

-she feels about to lose her mind

-she feels war to come

-she feels end of the world

-she feels insects

-she feels anywhere is somewhere

-she feels darkness

-she feels him

-she feels good

-she feels he is breaking the line

-she feels he is the one

-she feels he is another one

-she feels stronger

-she feels she can see

-she feels she is about to explode

-she feels he is online

-she feels in love



Boom-Movie structure :

-he feels alone

-he feels hopeless

-he feels nothing

-he feels depressed

-he feels down

-he feels someone is missing

-he feels she is online

-he feels about to clone his mind

-he feels peace to die

-he feels beginning of the end

-he feels out of time

-he feels there is no end

-he feels machines

-he feels death

-he feels there is no one

-he feels nowhere is everywhere

-he feels her

-he feels she is breaking the code

-he feels life

-he feels she is about to ressuscite

-he feels she is the code



im with AdrianLazar on this one, i find it quite confusing and not 100% sure it falls into the bmovie category from your last posts…can you explain your idea with a screenplay or a synopsis or whatever?
im not dissing the idea just finding it hard to get my head around at the moment.


Do you mean this would be a Z-Movie ? This is hard to get because this is love !


2d still storyboard :


2d motion storyboard (characters interaction scheme) :



basic undetailed mesh wires of one of my secondary characters, it should appear in a few scenes :


here is a try of my mesh with particles :


another secondary character(s) who should appear in a few scenes :


poly face with transparency layer tested with ibl for another secondary character, i will post later the body design :


a few design tests with my previous face :


I’m going on with characters design, i dont like the way it is going now… I’m not sure to keep B-Movie characters style for my final casting.


another secondary character :


helico-insect transformation :


another secondary character :

I’ve used a painted texture for ibl lighting that i made with Photohsop and Maya, and i haven’t used any facial texture for this face unlike the previous one i painted with Photoshop with my own skin maps.
Regular eye material with circular ramp texture that i’ve glowed for both characters.


a try of my previous face in motion :

there should be a few transformation with it, unless i decide otherwise.


mesh of my main character in motion without details yet :