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Hello sweet audience,
Here is my modest contribution to the b-movie challenge.

I don?t know what might happen with it
Only visual ideas… nothing definitively precised. Plot could be about a brain insight of a lady before love.
Maybe realistic … maybe fantasy … maybe cartoon… maybe abstract… organic and inorganic …

Experimenting with it. No deadline defined yet.


here is a few nurbs and poly wires in motion to test my undetailed meshes in motion :

city is curves extruded to surfaces and then converted to polys, overall structure and helico are nurbs.


a few ipr for lighting and color choice, i set different glow and fog settings, test with ibl t and physical sun and sky.


i keep the same field of view and modify lights and shaders settings on different areas to choose the ones i prefer in ipr.
no textures, no details and no definitive shaders yet.


a few test in motion without textures and definitive shaders and lights to see what i could do with it.


a few motion postworked to get it more abstract by rotating and opposing few layers.

nothing decided, nthing detailed, nothing precised.:cool:

No references excepting Matrix… StarWars…Transformers… Bergman’s, Greenaway’s’, Antonioni’s releases.

I hope you will enjoy.
Comments are welcome.


still making of meshes :



Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray

A few motion in the head of my cybergirl to experiment design.
Without textures (bitmaps), details and definitive lights and shaders yet.

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Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray

A few motion in the head of my cybergirl to experiment design without textures (bitmaps), details and definitive shaders yet.

.(repost of previous motion because of bug)

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repost in gif file and fast motion for unequipped flash viewers :


a few motion and design test :



Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray

Editing update with previous design studies.
I hope you enjoy.

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some helico fov i forgot to post :


new colors scheme test :


colors scheme test in motion :


For next step, i will go on making design test, adding details to my scene and then modelize my characters.


Here is some wires of my head-city with a bit more details :


I’ve selected trim squares-roofs and moved them up to make them seeable at the bottom of the previous post.

Wires in motion with low poly helico to decrease rendering time and bitmap city textures done in Photoshop with my shots of La Defense :

Nightview : i would have had to switch many things to modify textures looking, glowing was the best solution but was deforming the render … So i choose this looking, but i dont think i will stay on it, i will maybe post it on one of my next updates.


… and a few fov with textures done inside maya with physical sun and sky and without bitmaps :

Motion will come soon, rendering time is becoming longer than with bitmap textures and previous materials i’ve used for design testing.
I’m going on with details and characters.


still wires low-poly helico :