B-Movie Entry: Christina Kester-Tallman


Christina Kester-Tallman is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Attack of the Giant Baby


Here are some rough ideas. I think I might go with A Mother’s Nightmare: Giant Toddlers Attack. I have some more thumbs to do to get the composition down.


Great to see you here, Christina, best of luck for the challenge



Thanks, Marley! Best of luck to you too :slight_smile:


Overall composition is down, now to starting the piece


Getting Started…long way to go


Added a bit more


Hey Christina,

Cool concept :smiley: A giant baby is a totally creepy menace :smiley:

Good luck and waiting for more updates.


I’m getting closer. I’d love some critique if anyone has some they’d like to share :slight_smile:


Smoke or no Smoke???


A little further along


haha that is a classic tag line, one of my favourites actually, i mean how hard is it to get 5 minutes of peace and quiet?..In actuality, i find that the smoke adds to the question, really adds chaos to the baby’s presence, and the mum is suitably more frustrated than scared…well maybe a little scared ;).

This is fine progress, christina, it has a lot of character.



Thanks Marley! :wavey:


I love the concept! Glad to see you entered this!



I think I’m about done. Any feedback?


Thank you Jeff. It has been fun :slight_smile:


Your image is great because it is very, very funny. I love it. But missing elements showing more danger. Perhaps a bit of shadows and lighting more dramatic. The explosion lights on the baby. This is my simple opinion. What do you think? :slight_smile:


Frustrated parents everywhere beware the giant baby.

Done in Photoshop


Software: Photoshop

Frustrated parents everywhere beware the giant baby.


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