B-Movie Entry: Caroline Laplante


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: lego memphis


Very rough start of my idea. I’ll probably end up re-framing it entirely as I start and the charcaters will not be this cartoony… But you have to start somewhere


I like your start. A clever idea. Good luck!


nice idea, i like that the monster is framed in the poster


I actually like the cartoony aspect of it. Looks good, keep going.


Thanks guys, for some reason I keep trying to fight cartoonyness. Probably because there’s a widespread impression that it takes les effort that realism (False!)
Should be posting some character sketches soon to flesh this out further…


First crack at the characters in the scene and their expressions/characters.
This isn’t representational of their final placement or poses.
The Swamp Beast will need lots more work, although I do like the partially cthulu-esque face…
I’ll probably make him much closer to the chubby guy, to allow for more superimposed shapes, since right now everything is just lined up…


Cthulhu goes to cinema? …oh swamp beast? Nice idea framing it in the poster ^^
and great character design!


A little further work on the characters as well as some layout tests.
I’ll probably move from this to the final and do most of my work there…


Haha that’s great. I love the little porker stuffing his face. That’s so clever.



Cool idea, I like it. Were the posters in the background of the first sketch going to be promoting b-movies, that would be effective. then your story could be about how the b-movie monster has come off the movie screen and into reality to terrorize and devour the population . . . maybe, just ideas :smiley:


Very interesting idea! Can’t wait to see how this goes!


Great job on the concept. I tend to agree with some of the others the cartoony aspect is cool. Can’t wait to see more.


Yup, the posters are still going to be there, with Swamp beast (as I have un-originally dubbed him) nicely framed. I’m hoping that in the final, the viewer’s eye will sort of skip over his face then be pulled back when they see what’s really going on…


Okay, as much as I liked my previous idea, a colleague of mine pointed out that the story of the image was somewhat unclear.

Rather than force that particular image, I decided to try and come up with something new.

Here’s an incredibly sloppy thumbnail of the new idea, entitled: Auditions…


alright, yes, yes, I know, I’ve changed idea again. The other ones were sliding off like teflon, which meant I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on them for more than another iteration or so…

Basically I’ve been fighting the ludicrous on this one (thinking that I wanted to go for something clever). Well Ludicrous won and I lost.

Here is angelic Elvis back from heaven to smite the forces of Hell…

tagline: “Memphis has gone to Hell, and there’s only one man who can save it…”

or something similar…

sketch still very rough. He’ll be toting a shotgun in the final and will be a cross between young elvis and fat elvis in the classic white satin… Have to work the likeness as well…


Love the new idea - looks like a promising start!


Elvis Inferno? ^^ lol, cool sketch


Alright, some of you may have noticed the departure of my concept from my initial ideas. It took a while for something to stick, and for some reason, I was fighting the ludicrous…

so I’ve finally given in.

This will be Angelic Elvis against the Hordes of Hell.

tagline: ‘Hell has come to Memphis, and there’s only one man who can save it…’

or something like that.

The sky is total wip, but I like the colors. Rock pillar also unfinished. Elvis will be holding a shotgun over his shoulder and have a halo. The broken gates of Graceland (symbolizing the Heavenly Gates) will be behind him, and Memphis will be below, in flames… possibly demon faces in the rising smoke that joins the clouds…


After a few different attempts at drawing a cracked and burning Memphis, I figured it would be worth the time to model out a simple version of the city which I could then ‘break’ into chunks and draw over.
It’s been a little while since I touched 3d, so simple geo is taking longer than it should, but it’s actually rather soothing.
I have to say it’s easier to stay concentrated when you’re alternating tasks as well (next: anatomy and dynamic pose studies for Elvis…)