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!944. In a desperate attempt to change the course of war, the nazis unleash their most terrible experiment. Who shall stand against the deadly werehamsters?


Hey everybody! Not the first time I join a CG Challenge, but I hope this will be the first time I’ll finish one!

Well, my Idea is to develop my own B Movie trailer, The Nazi Werehamsters. There are lots of stories about all kind of weird experiments made by the nazi during the course of WW2, so I thought it could be a nice plot for an horror-gory movie. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the script, and then I’ll start the modelling and storyboards.

Best of luck to everybody in the challenge, I hope we’ll have loads of fun with this one! :beer:


hahaha love the idea, will be keeping an eye on this one!


@sukh5684 Thanks! Let’s see what comes out of it.

Well, I intended posting it earlier, but had some busy days at work. Now back to it at full speed! Here’s the screenwriting, as simple as I could keep it, to have a chance of finishing it in time.

    SCENE 1

Camera slowly traveling in a laboratory. 

Narrator: 1944. The war seems lost fot the nazis. Trying desperately to change their fate, they unleash their most secret experiment.

We see a ma tied to a gurney, while a doctor injects him some substance. We then see the doctor's face as he starts to mumble. 

Doctor: It’s working. It’s working! IT’S WORK

The doctor's interrupted as we see a deformed hand grabbing him and pulling him down. 

Doctor: Aaaahhhh! Aaaaahhh!!

In another room we see a couple of german officers watching what's happening in the lab, and grinning in satisfaction.

    SCENE 2

A camp hospital. Soldiers keep taking the wounded ones into the tent. We see the Captain going into the tent and stoping beside a bed where a soldier lies in shock. 

Doctor: He’s the only survivor. All the others were killed by

Captain: So, what attacked you, son?

The soldier starts to moan, and the Captain leans over him to listen. 

Soldier: ham

    SCENE 3

We see some soldiers walking on the streets at night. From inside a building, a pair of red eyes emerge. 

In another plane, we see the Captain talking to another officer.

Captain: This is unacceptable!

Again we see the soldiers in the street, while hearing the Captain.

Captain: The germans turn themselves into bloody rats and scare the hell out of our soldiers!

A scream in the street. The soldiers run towards it, aiming to a point. 

Soldier: Freeze!

The soldiers start to panic. The camera turns and shows us a giant hamster standing, eating a soldier's head, while two others appear on 4's by its sides. 

Again we see the room where the captain is. 

Officer: We have to fight the germans in their own terms.

Captain: Fight the
What?! Are you crazy?! We can’t fight the germans in their terms!!

A silhouette shows up in the door behind the Captain. 

Silhouette: Why not?

In a close up we see the silhouette's face, part human, part cat. 

Silhouette: Say meow!


Now, onto the modelling, starting by the lab. When I have some models done, I’ll work in an animatic to get the timing and framing of the scenes.

C&C are most welcome, and congrats for everyone around, some really great works poping up!


Starting on the nazi lab, where the creatures are created. Some of the props that will appear (in the cage there will be a hamster, for sure).


can’t wait to see ure other stuff


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