B-Movie Entry: Bruno ISANA


Hello guys,

@flashgordy : Yes, the deadline is coming. I hope i can finish all the work.

@opentarget : I like your work too. I’ll try make some shots this week-end.

Thank a lot for your support. :wink:


This is the Flying Saucers of the AntHead Aliens. They are nearly Finished.
More Soon :wink:


This is a wip of the “jumping” spider.


This Spider will jump on an poor scary soldier. Nasty spider ! Nasty !


Software: After Effects

This the ufo shot.
Some finished shots will coming.

Play Video >>


This is a shot of the first contact between soldiers and AntHead Aliens.

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I’ll post some music i made for the film.


Hello Everybody,
This a bunch of music i made for the trailer.
One thing i know it’s : I’am not John Williams !! :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


This my inspirational elements.


Oh my god.
I made a lot of job on it. I couldn’t do all the shots
i wanted but i am happy to present it to you.

Play Video >>


A Better Quality one.

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I enjoyed your entry a lot! Very funny, my favourite scene is with the planes. We have some simmilar takes on the topic too. Good luck :thumbsup:


Hello Juraj,
Thanks a lot for your opinion.
I couldn’t do all shots i wanted
an i got a bug from vegas video all my
editing was corrupted.
I had to reedit all the film. I send it 5min before the
I hope everybody enjoy it.

I run tu see your film. :wink:


Great stuff. I love the mix of practical and digital effects. Sorry to hear about the Vegas thing. Scary because I use that, too.


 This the final final v2 one.
About the movie :
When i see the challenge for the first time, i was thinking about giant spiders films
and i imagine some aliens who created big spider to destroy humanity.
But i thought about a small film made by a very very small team, with a very small budget
but wich want to export to the world. So i need for that a country very typical and i thought about
Belgium where i live.
 I try to make a simple b-movie film. This the third one of a big number of film because the aliens attack country by country :).
I try to use some special effects technique used in this kind of film like miniatures, doll-spider,
green screen, etc...
I wanted to make a belgian film wich want to be international with a lot of accent and english
langage errors. With a lot of bad playing and replies. With caricatural character like the hero who want to fight and love war, the scientist woman who wait for the love scene of the film, the chief who give order and be hurt by tempting killing a giant spider with his hummer and the soldier who is here to be killed by spiders for the dramatic dying scene.

I don’t forget the aliens who want our planet and laugh when they see our weapons because their technology is most avanced. :smiley:
So, i try to make all things by myself (props, musics, sounds, sfx, etc…).
It was a big job but i satisfied by it.
I wanted to make it funny. Hope you enjoy the film.

   [Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/player.php?entry_id=113427)


I’m your first fan !

no money, no pipi !

(tain dit pas que ca fait pitié, jtrouve que le coté kitch est justement bien en cohérence avec le sujet, et vous mavez vraiement fait trop trop rire ^^ )

Very fun very cool , and long life to belgium !


Thanks Beuda :smiley:

I am very happy you like the film.
I try to make a funny and low budget smelling trailer :smiley:

(hi hi, je suis pas totalement belge puisque je suis français c’est pour ça le pti clin d’oeil à la France à la fin. Hé oui un patriote exilé :D. J’ai essayé de faire un truc délire. Content que ça t’aie plu. Bonne chance pour la suite.)

So i find your film so great with a very good feeling.
The music is amazing. Great work.

So good luck for the judging :wink:


…still laughing…great movie! “La dame pipi” is priceless…fantastic!
Congratulations and good luck!


Thank you for your reply Marco.

My girlfriend played the role and she gives a really good
personnality to the character.
I had a lot of fun to do it.
I am very happy if people like the film.
Good luck to you :wink:


This is most funny piece in here . I watched it few times and im always laugh when i see esspetially scene where nurse think he loves her , and he kissing his gun… thats realy awsome :slight_smile: hehehe im laugh when i even think about it :slight_smile: hehehe

im realy enjoyed! Great job!