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Hello challengers and visitors !!

I’am entered this challenge.
unfortunatly, i never finish a cgtalk challenge before :frowning:
But this time, i try again :-).

So, i plan to make a 2 minutes trailer of a 1960s film with (unfortunatly) a lot of anachronism :-).
I think to a trailer about giant spiders attacking earth. I know it’s not very original but i think it’s an interesting (and illimited) concept to work on.
I want to exploit the way of those trailers had been made with big text on the screen, great theatrical voice presenting and describing the monsters, cutted by some small scene with the characters.

I want to make a mix of some sfx methods used in this kind of films in the 60s and actual method. (like miniatures, green/blue key, stop motion, etc…)
Instead of doing vehicles or the spiders in 3D, I plan to make them in miniature (so i’ll try to :wink: ). I have some small planes and helicopters in a box, i’ll assemble them and use them for the film in front of a green key (or in fact a green sheet of paper :smiley: ).
I’ll make some ugly Spiders. I don’t know with which material but i’ll find ;-).
I think 3D will be only for think i can’t do in an other way. (like stage reconstruction or creation, etc…)

It’ll be a long job nut i want to have a lot of fun by doing it :smiley:

What do you think about the idea ?

I’ll post some photos of the boxed miniatures.



Hello All !!

 My script is not finish but i already made some green key test to be sure it's not be a problem for me.

There is a bunch of planes, i go to assemble.

 And a cool tool to paint the small parts of the planes.
 All the project will be filmed with a Camera. So i made some green key test to see if the camera allow it in a good way. The green background is a fluo green sheet of paper by Canson.
 This is the shot.
 And here the keyed one.
 The settings of the camera is :1080p - 25i/s - 1/1250 - F3.2 - 2000 iso - Cloudy and rainy sky lighting - Manual white balance.
 The shots are a bit grainy due to the 2000 iso so i must light more the stage to be able to use a lower iso value. 1/1250 is good to avoid motion blur for the keying.

 Here is the test videos in 720p.

TestA (mov)
TestB (mov)

I’am impress by the quality of the keying, so it’s not perfect but good for my purposes.

 What do you think about it ?


This is a test of Keying with the Canon 7D.


I think it looks good. Just be sure to do some good light / color matching with the bg plates.What software are you using for compositing?


Beautiful clarity.

I would say movies A&B need the hand/subject lit (maybe back lit) or moved away from the green screen as you can see the green on the skin once the BG is in. It’s quite noticeable.

It’s so crisp and fresh looking though.

Good stuff :smiley:


Hello folks,

Thanks a lot for your advices. They are very precious :wink:

@lunar1369: I’am using after effects for the compositing.

@astitchintime : Yes, i will increase the distance between the planes and the background. Thanks a lot
for your advice. :wink:


The assembly has begun.

Here is the planes in pieces.

A small painted cockpit. I put a necklace pearl for the head of the pilot.

And the assembled planes.

It take me a day to assemble the both.
So the painting step is for soon.


Hello guys,

I made a test with an interesting sculpting software : Sculptris.

I trying to make a ant head for the aliens in my story : The AntHead Aliens.
which create the Arachnoïdus (the big spiders) to destroy our world because
they want our planet :slight_smile:

I will place the virtual alien head on the actor with a simple 2D tracking. The actor will be immobile.
I will test voodoo tracking or icarus to test some 3D object tracking possibilities.

I want to test Syntheyes too but i can’t export tracking data from the trial :frowning: so
his object tracking function is very interesting if i want to do moving the head of the alien but if i can’t export data, it will be unuseful for me for the moment. I understand this limitation protection from the company.


I like the concept behind your short Lanuite, especially the use of miniatures to pull out some of the shots.

How are you planning to animate the planes?

keep it up!


Hello Paulo,

Thank a lot for your opinion :).

Yes I will animated the planes front the green “sheet of paper” background, i have. :wink:
I’ll put a green thin wood stick in the rear reactor of the planes and animate them in place
and after animate layer in the composite to make them come in or go out from the frame.
I think to use some small fireworks for the reactor flame. I think to use the “particle illusion” trial
for the light smoke of the planes. It just have a 30days limitation, no waterwarkt, i will install it later.

For now, i’ll paint them and calculate my production time before uploading the script.


The painting of the planes is in a good way. I was begun the third one.
I’ll post some photographies later.
By now, i will go out to looking for a piece of green fabric for the live shots.
I’ll post some tests with the green key if i find one :slight_smile:


First, I couldnt watch the tests in mozilla without downloading.
Idea seems very interesting to me. Nice technique, good luck :slight_smile:


Very interesting idea, mate. I really like the tests, and the planes. Good job. This could be very nice entry. Just keep up! :slight_smile:


Planes are ready to go.


    This is the ultimate weapon against Arachnoids. 
  It's not finish yet.
  The hero will be inside with a scientist woman and control a fighting against a big
  arachnoid with a... wiimote :) . The mecharachnoid will be "stop-motioned" animated.


This is the rifle of the Hero.
I just paint it to have a very used looking.


Hello all !

Thanks a lot for your support guys.

This is some photographies of the last props.

The shooting days is for the end of the month.
I’ll post the scenario soon. I must remove some shots to make it realisable.

Keep it up folks !!


looks interesting…and time-consuming :wink:

remember that deadline is close :slight_smile:


cool idea, wish i had thought of the minature approach!
looking forward to seeing more.