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hey hey hey, so we meet once again :slight_smile:

good luck to you my friend, and have fun!!! :slight_smile:


tnx, mate… good luck to you too



Ok, we’re gonna do a simple trailer for the movie of a superhero. Its about a simple guy, that doesn’t know what he’s capable of.
At first he’s just a simple man (or a teenager), who lives a fearless life. But one day everything is going to change, when he finds out that whenever he farts, non intentionally, he becomes a killing machine.
Over the time he has developed some gadgets, that helps him conquer his enemies.
Now there is nothing more than a superhero who’s traying to put a stop to all evil…with his farts…non intentionally.

I've decided to break this trailer into three main scenes.


Scene 01:
In this scene, our hero, who doesn’t know that he’s one yet, lives his own life in a small town. He is happy, has enough money, he enjoys everything. In fact at daytime everybody in this town are happy, but at night when all lights are gone the evil monster from the near cave, scares the town folks and takes its precious preys.
Our guy’s main occupation is kitchen. He is a chef in a small restaurant. Doesnt have a girl, but his mama always said that the right woman will come, and the one just need to be patient. Our guy really loves pork-sandwiches, long summer days and the little park animals. Especially when he can feed them. The only things he misses are sunrises and sunsets. And thats all because of the stupid monster. He isn’t scare of it. Oh, how he wishes to put a stop to that cruelty.

Scene 02:
One long summer day while he was sitting in the park and eating his favorite pork sandwich, a fantastic thing happened that changed his life.
(we are currently working on this part of the scenario, but it will have something with the strongest fart ever seen)
The one was amazed with his ability and in that instant he knew that something is going to change.
After some tests he realized what kind of a potential he is.

Scene 03:
In this scene, our hero has name, has gadgets and strong desire to kill some bad monsters. That wasn’t what his mama told him, but it was exciting. Our hero becomes The Fartman (F-man or something like that), and the fight against his annoying enemy can begin.


Here’s the first ideas of the main character.

We’ve decided that hes def a chef and that he has a belly. And we dont want him to be fat…


While we’re deciding how to make the main character. I manage to model and texture one of the interiors.

C&C are most welcome:)


While we’re deciding how to make the main character. I manage to model and texture one of the interiors.

C&C are most welcome:)


Sorry about double post…bad internet connection.


This Fartman scenario sure seems exciting!

Don’t forget to ad some funny gags in the scene 2 part, when he mega farts.

That’ll be funny and cool.

Good luck to you in this challenge m8!

BTW your first render of the kitchen looks awesome!


Second scene, exterior…


We wanted to add some caroony feel to it. So we played with the latice deformer.

Hope you like it.

We are still searching for the main look of the movie.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.


Finally we decided how do we wanna make the main character.

Here’s a process of finalizing idea.


First model look with wire…


Final step of modeling is done…now the textures…yey :slight_smile:


And textures and shaders applied.

Now the fun part…rigging :slight_smile:

Hope you like it…


Aa, he is so cute:)


At last here is our FARTMAN :), though he doesnt look like someone who make awful farts but still…

Its fully custom rigged and prepared for animation.

Hope you like it.


Finally we had some tome to spare so we made the storyboard.

We hope you like it. Theres gonna be some wip video also.


Page 02 of storyboard


Page 03 of storyboard