B-Movie Entry: Bill Stout


heres an in progress still of the scorpion going up the empire state.
the color space is off and the smoke is currently rendering but you gotta love the awesome spherical BG shot from the empire state building observation deck by one of the students
go New York Film Academy animation team




crashing into the empire state building

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Hi! Looking good. I hope you can finish it on time.
My observation is that in a moment plane hits ESB shading on the lower part of the buiding changes. Shadows seem to suddenly appear out of noware.
Good luck!


you’re right, the shadows do appear out of nowhere. thanks for pointing that out.
i hope we have time to fix that by deadline. : \


well there’s three+ hours left and we are taking it down to the wire.
In the meantime here’s a vid of our bot on the Empire State Building with the background taken from the onservation deck.

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thrity second done

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the making of

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90 second trailer

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the 90 second is somehow corrupt for a few shots.
here is a link to the uncorrupted version.

thanks you CGtalk for having this great event !

New York Film Academy animation team out.


well done guys! a lot cool looking robots here, tons of work has been done here and it looks great.
I like the little tribute to battleship potemkin with the baby pram falling down the flight of stairs(im sure that was your entention…coming from a film school?)


Yep! We are the 3D Animation class of the New York Film Academy… :smiley:


double post… sorry


thanks openTarget. we had a lot of fun being one the many who quote Battleship Potemkin. maybe next year we’ll quote the Untouchables’ quotation of that movie.


Hey great work!, i like very much the animation like stop motion.
good luck!


Excellent work…Congratulations i really like the animation part…



You definitely catch the B spirit. Like Hollywood blockbusting movies.
Great fun and skills.
All the best !:beer:


Well the semester ended and we finally finished the film

I know it is not eligible for judging but here it is.


great job everyone, you guys amaze me.


Action scenes are very well done, i love your fov and keying. I prefer the 3 first minutes to the three last ones, however you’ve made a spectacular movie.
Thumbup all:cool:


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