B-Movie Entry: Bill Stout


thanks christophe and jankosh. your support is appreciated.

As to whether it is sci fi or B movie really gets to teh question of what is a B movie?
To me a B movie is any movie that doesn’t have A list actors/directors or budget. Budget being the most. You do the best with what you have to make your vision come true. The effects and acting from 50’s era look hoaky to us now because we are more sophisticated viewers, but they kicked butt back then.

So we are doing a B movie. Someday we could be A-list, but not today, not yet.


I agree with you, surely B-Movies:buttrock: belong to low budget category and also to old age looking. Time and money matter over B-actors… B-scenario… B-directing…
However some A movies can belong to B category if one of these mentioned elements appear in it


our empire state building textured and ready for its explosive close up


Software: Illustrator

a few of you have commented on how different the designs are of the robots and spaceships are. one of teh unifying elements isthe logos that will be placed on each of the robots in order to show reflect status and unity of origin. in this way we are balancing the heterogenous design with a homgoneous order overlaying it.


a motion test for the vines and almost finished textures for the scorpion, we just need to get the logo on the face so it is more visiblw when coming at the camera climbing up the empire state building.

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I Think everything Is Graeaat!. but i can’t understand what this super future robots are going to do in a B-Movie.“out of concept” But I want to see!!


one of the ways the invasions effects people… after claming it’s tail to the empire state building antenna, all screens are taken over…

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okay sc. 19 is coming along. we still need some color grading and some adjustment in the lights,but it is getting there.

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Ironer hiding tv show is pretty nice, i couldnt watch it entirely, how doest it end ?
I’m looking forward to see your rendered version. Keep it up:thumbsup:


woops, posted the wrong scene 19. that is the old one…
here is the rendered one.

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thanks Christophe,
the ironing scene is just 4 shots and it ends with a POV shot of her looking at the television close up. the close up is the only oine of the 4 that will be in the 30 second. we will have a longer trailer after our making of video. our goal for the two trailers is to leave you wanting to watch the whole movie.

our whole movie will be done at the end of May at the end of our semester at the New York Film Academy. so you will have to wait a while to see the whole thing, I hope the suspense isn’t too bad, I promise to post a link when we are done.

geek fact: the show the ironing woman is watching is sameeta’s second short animation film from our first semester. it is called “Exotic Creation” and can be seen here:


her is a couple of shots from scene 9

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is there suppose to be audio? it looks like she’s saying, “dude, do you come in peace?”


keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


blurbs :thumbsup:


another version of these shots from scene9.
this time with sound (i hope)
different lighting on the robot plus a defocused background to make it feel more like the live action footage
plus a bullet hole in her forehead.

New York Film Academy animation team rocks on !

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I like blood floating in the air. It sounds great !:thumbsup:


Try to compare it to some real footage working with same scale. The defocus is too strong imho. I would say a half of what you have will work better. Keep up good work folks, hope you will finish on time!


thanks for the feedback.

here is another one with less defocus (no sound this time).

we also had a very timely color grading class today with boaz livny. as a result the robot bockground is graded to the girls background. the robot is then color graded to his background.

we also added edgeblur and a little grain in nuke.

New York Film Academy animation team rocks on.

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picture says more then words:
http://www.gifbin.com/bin/1236955134_george-clooney-shoots-brad-.gif - and even this is a really soft effect. Compare the caliber of the machine gun and the bullet hole - does it shoot darts :slight_smile:
About the grade, colder background and warmer skin tone would give a better impact of these shot.

good luck guys,
btw the car shot looks superb!