B-Movie Entry: Bill Stout


here is a still from the shoot of interiors that we did. we are hoping that the snow goes away by next friday when we are trying again to shoot the exteriors.


first time I see green screen that is teal… Is it key’able?
Shadows and wrinkles is going to cause you troubles in post.

But what is the story here? tenticle plants, robots and the woman in an antique dress?!


green screen is a keyable (although i admit to having seen better). best thing that can be said about it is that it provides an excellent challenge for my students to learn keying.

the story is a secret.

actually, i was planning on revealing it when i post our animatic/layout in about two weeks.
the rough assembly edit of footage with stills from maya. our shoot has been rescheduled for this Friday saturday after getting snowed out a couple of weeks back.

the most extreme reduction of the story is:

robots and spaceships attack manhattan. magical plant lady from another world intervenes. robots and ships defeated.


Looking good guys! I really like the models and vine work!


Starting to look good very EPIC! One thing is are all the robots and space ships and such from the same race. Or are they all different races.

Right they don’t look like they are especially the bugs.

Just one thought Good Luck


thanks for the support gregmcquay and mnartgirl.

and nope, the robots are not supposed to be too similar. in fact we want more of the disparate look that you would get when dumping over my son’s toy box which would give you power rangers, storm troopers, and bakugan all jumbled together fighting it out. they are unified somewhat by insignia, color scheme and a varying degree of insect influence. but really the mechs are almost as diverse as a child’s toybox.


The earth lady, your last update represent your thread bad in the main b-movie video forum so I suggest updating it soon:)
It hasn’t got my attention until now because of the thumbnail I think.
But your work is pretty good so far, I loved it…
Good lucks…


the model of the top section of the empire state building is done and has moved onto texturing.


thanks chino, and here’s a new image to look at. the empire state building, cant wait till it’s textured.


Here is an anim test from sc19.
go team New York Film Academy

Play Video >>


Very cool dynamics and robotic motion.
Good luck all !:cool:


keep up the good work everyone! the walk cycles look good as do the destruction scenes! :beer:


Here is a stab at our 30 second trailer of our longer story.
Obviously the compositing is not all there anytime you see blank sky, think spaceships, empty frames, think robots with guns.
The music is a placeholder.
More as soon as we finish texturing next week.

Play Video >>


You will have good fun cging your videoframes.
Keep it up:thumbsup:


this is very fun in a silly way, with the goddess lady and scorpion robot. Would be really cool if she was a bit more “pretentious” in her movement.
What is really cool about old monster movies, is that the hero, or the monsters or whatever had little more than their movement and bodypostures in the movies they were in. So many did a really hard job posing in the “coolest” way possible, and being really thorough in their movement. Which usually are so overdone, that it seems extremely silly.
On the other hand, its funny that she moves in a kind of film school first year manner.

the robot with the giant fangs on the back is quite cool as well. Kind of modern i think.

keep it up.


Here is a tighter edit of our 30 second trailer.
Obviously the Cg is on the way, the mothership here is a stand in from the interwebz, and the title is Smash Crash Crunch, not boom.

the image is WIP texturing. Hopefully all the students will hae their texturs done by the end of this week so we can start rendering and compositing.

and the fun goes on, here at the New York Film Academy

Play Video >>


texuring, scuffing up the bots with some cool techniques from Boaz Livny


Hi there, as was already said, I find some designs quite more scifi than b-movie but still I like them. I just love the car destroying scene and looking forward to see this one finished.
Good luck to you and your team!:slight_smile:


I like beginning of your alternative edit between actors close-up and ironer, really nice !:cool:


these textures are almost finished.
just a little more carbon build up around the gun barrel
and a seam behind the leg to fix.

go New York Film Academy animation team !