B-Movie Entry: Bill Stout


thanks for the kind words and support kadama and open target.
open target, i am sure your 3 person team will also do well. best of luck to you.


phil, sameets and alvaros bots

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grEAT concept aert there man.


rohini marilen and daniel

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looks good!! cant wait to see the final product :slight_smile: best of luck to you and your team :slight_smile:


thanks for the kind words Daliakb, we are aiming high.
that said we just had a major setback called snow. we were supposed to do our live action shoot this thursday-friday. but snow happened. we did our interior shots on friday but most of the movie is exterior and really needs to be snow free…
so our shooting dates are pushed back to a tentative march 5-6.
now we have to start animating without plates and fit the two together later.


wow, that it a set back. Im sure you will work it through!!! thats the challenge right? lol :slight_smile: best of luck


I am pretty sure we will be able to manage it. I have come up with aplan for what scenes we can start animating without plates.
We also need to push on with preliminary texturing. I don’t want to get too far into it until we have had a few more classes with boaz livny on mental ray and compositing with Nuke.

Oddly a bigger challenge is team management. Despite repeated requests i have not yet been able to get the cinematography students who are shooting our plates to register with CG talk and therefore get our piece eligible for the cinematography award.


wow, hey this should be pretty interesting. Cant wait to see the FX rolling in. Keep up the good works.


Great pre-vis, having trouble looking at some of your pictures though. Keep it up!


we are now experimenting with the how to control teh vines that attack the robots

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confession: the above image has nothing to do with the video movement test. it is the roots paint effect straight out of the box. is is a look we are considering but it is still undecided.
to see what we are really testing, hit the play video button.



check out ivy generator wich is really cool for such things!


i dont know maybe you used this but if not its worth to check it out :slight_smile:


this technique of making the vines grow is a little easier.
we now need to test it with textures. if it works this is the technique we will use.
we are still looking for the “look” for the vines.

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staszek, thanks for the tip on the ivy generator. i will check it out see how animatable it is.

thanks for the interest overcontrast and froforces.

Fro: Not sure why you are having trouble viewing the images but most of the more recent posts have been video tests of robots and ships on turntables so make sure you push the “play video” button.

now back to texturing.


Let’s go team NYFA!


A movent/rig Test - time to add some limits on joint rotations.

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This is daniels test, showing walk and gunmovement

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Hey man this is starting to look pretty good. The model is cool but the walk isn’t very robotic. Did you try letting the robots foot hang in the air mid stride to give it more weight??


thanks for the advice, we are just beginning to play with movement style. this is the first test for that robot where it didn;t demonstrate a need for a massive rebuild.

the six legged walk in the post above did require a rebuild because of interpenetration of the mesh at the joints.

onwards and upwards


which robot do u mean?