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Time to introduce Team New York Film Academy.
As it happens our 2nd semester project had a robot and spaceships attack manhattan theme. so we are going for it. Our deadline is mid may so we’ll see what we get for this April deadline…

So far the hardest part has been getting the students to register. I saw Bat hit the reply button today so I’m just missing Matt. Close enough to get going. So here we are Team New York Film Academy coming at you from the one year animation program.

[li]bstout - Bill Stout Faculty Advisor[/li][li]grklena842 - Marilena[/li][li]rohiniduggal - Rohini Dugal[/li][li]OliseForel - Oliver Forel[/li][li]TheBubbleQat - Marielle Rousseau[/li][li]timbotronic - Tim Siegrist[/li][li]incubik - Alvaro Portela[/li][li]rodp - rodolphe Pierre[/li][li]jsguys - jong suk LEE[/li][li]kimpk1286 - Philip Kim[/li][li]ne0r - Daniel Niehues[/li][li]Sameetak - Sameeta Karnik[/li][li]anbotokomari - Eider Sarriugarte[/li][/ul] Pending invites:

[li]Bat6111 -[/li][/ul]


insects are the inspiration for the robot and spaceship designs. each student must design their own. Here are some of the results.


marilena’s ship




side lee


phil back front


phil top side


phil concept




bat front


bat front


bat front


daniel sketch


daniel orthogonal


bat concept


go team NYFA


robot Scorpion turntable

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really expect a good quality production from this, 13 people is a lot, so good luck guys i hope you do your best :thumbsup: and leave your mark in CGSociety


wow, such a large team. doesn’t leave much hope for our small 3 man team.
cool designs, although very slick and sophisticated for a b-movie perhaps? looks fantastic ether way! cant wait to see more, i have bookmarked your thread!