B-Movie Entry: Bihorel Jean-Michel


Thanks from the modeling team! The models are not so high, here while rendering with the contours on top of the occlusion I took the smoothed vertion It is why it looks so dens.


beautifull design !



Absolute lovely models and textures! The character design is inspired! Love it, looking forward to seeing more.


this looks amazing, the textures and the design of the characters are really well done I love the ornate patterns, The character design has a lovely style to it too. can’t wait to see more of this.


Awesome - I like your stile, the textures are really fantastic.


Thank you very much for your enthusiasm! I’ll try to do some more this week end.


cool design of those funny characters ,
very nice patterns andshadering



Ha ha. These characters are awesome!
Very nice job so far. I can’t wait to see more!


I’m working on the textures of Sultan and also the Pasha today. I will probably post more renders during the week. We will also probably show a rig test video. A storyboard should also come soon.

Visionmaster, are you living in Rennes for now? Rennes is my hometowne I’ve spent most of my life there!


yes !
en ce moment je suis à coté de Rennes, et j’emménage dans pas longtemps Place des lices !
Si tu passes dans le coins, n’hésites pas !!


Hehe ca serait fun. Pas de prob si on garde contact on se fera une petite biere au barantic avec les bretons de cgtalk!


first test for the turban. As we will probably not see it too near I’ve just extracted a normal map out of the Zbrush model in order to render faster.


As this character is the wife of the Chief, the previous style was a bit too much ‘‘naked’’ so I gave a try for a kind of integrated dress. However the Dancer will be more ‘‘naked’’. By the way, for now the eyes are in a toony style but we will probably change them for something a tiny little bit more serious in order to make the integration a bit more belivable in the real footages.


A first test for the dancer.


first test for the small dancing character. It will have many of them dancing all around with maybe different kind of glowy colors.


Nice! very original concept!
Good luck!


Loving the concept- very whimsical design too… Nice models… Looking forward to seeing this :buttrock:


Software: Maya,mental ray,Photoshop, Fusion

here a first test to see how to upload videos.

Some members of the team have been shooting (and are still at the moment) the time-laps we will use for the movie. These are not videos but photos took at some interval of time. Then we comp them back and mixed some part with the others ( I will stop the explanation there cause I don’t know exactly what have been done by our comp artist :slight_smile: . I don’t write all the names cause I don’t know exactly who where one the shooting but we will make a detailed credits at the end of the project. If you have any questions about some points I can pass the message to the other members of the team (most of them are checking the topic anyway).

Here I’ve bee trying which method I would use to render the characters on these time-laps cause the lights are always changing. I tried to use the video itself to generate the lighting of the scene. a bit like a hdri lighting but not with a spherical environment. I put some planes for the sea for the sky and others elements and then I project the video on them from the camera so they have an animated texture on them which is matching more or less what they should be seen from this angle. Then I hide their primary visibility but use them as final gather generators. I multiply the color Gain from the video to make them more or less vivid. The lightning is not accurate cause if a boat pass in the foreground then it affect the character which is in the background but it make a nice soft effect and give a bit more interest to the geometry of the character by making the light move on him.

We are all very busy in the studio those days because of a lot of projects going on but we will try our best to finish at least a trailer in time. A first offline should come during the next week and from there will start the final animation and renders!

Play Video >>


This monster is the bigest one. He comes after the party to clean a bit the city.


Trop beau !
Excellent design !
On veut voir plus !