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Hy everybody!

We are entering the competition with our project “Istanbul Monsters”.
We are a team of friends working in the same studio in Istanbul and we decided to realize the idea
of one of our designers “Ömür Kökeş”:

Synopsis -

 Do you ever notice a strange pressure on your soul?
 A music you didn't even remember plays in your ears?
 Did you know the monsters have been here since eternity?
 Did you know the city you breath in, breeds other creatures than you?
 Be prepared to be strangled, and be a victim of the invisible belly dance threat!
 Cos' they're here! And the secrets are about to be spilled! Destroyed! Annihilated! In belly dance!
 Description -
 A 30seconds teaser for the Istanbul Monsters B movie
 Dance and horror


non CG crew:

Ömür Kökeş – director, character designer, concept artist, original idea.
Nermin Er – Character designer.
Ayşe Ünal – d.o.p, script writer.
Ozan Kurtulus – sound design.
BabaZula – Music.

CG crew :

Özgül Gürbüz, Civan Sarı – modelers.
Ceyhan Kapusuz – character TD.
Jean Michel Bihorel – textures, shading and lightening TD.
Erdem Demirci - TD assistant.
İlhan Poyraz – compositing and titles.

We are all working in our free time for this project. We will post as regularly as possible
the evolutions of our work on the forum. We have the designs, the models are almost finished but
we are still modifying them as we make our first test. Textures and shaders are also in progress.
I will post some of the initial drawing from Ömür then the models that we have for now. I will
also post the first textures I’ve been working on. Nothing is final at this point and we will be glad
to read your comments and critics on our work in progress.
More will come soon!

Good luck to all the challengers!


Initial designs from Omur



initial designs from Ömür


initial designs from Ömür


initial designs from Ömür


initial designs from Omur


initial designs from Omur


initial designs from Omur


…and Sultan, his charming wife


The Pasha , chief of the monsters.


The belly dancer


One of the small characters who will dance all around the other characters and buildings.


great modeling and setup! Is there a reason why you use that much polys?



The temizlikci come after the party to clean a bit the mess that the other monsters have made in the city.


texture and shader wip


texture and shader wip


texture and shader wip


texture and shader wip