B-Movie Entry: Benabdallah


 Software: 3ds max,After Effects,VRay,ZBrush
 The blob outaspace final entry.
 Cgchallenge XXV
 Adel benabdallah
 About the movie:

Their is different way to interprete B-MOVIE’s, but for me Bmovie goes with funny scary horror bloody old style sexy picture show.
For the blob outaspace zombie killer my insparation was Evil dead, Planet terror, and all the grinhouse trailer.
In the Blob outaspace you can find Hot girl trash zombie and funny actor’s.

Two Zombie in a DarkForest, looking for breakfeast or more… Will be surprised By something from Outerspace.

For the sound

Voice : Tibault Belfodil
Samples : Freesound.org & Soundideas SFX kit & Proscores

Special THANK : JEREMIE MONCOMBLE, and all my friend

   [Play Video >>](http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/player.php?entry_id=113422)


Hilarious entry! I am ready to say my favourite. I am amazed by the colors and overall stop-motion look of it. Congrats and Good luck!


Perfect!!.. I think it’s my favourite too…



Great work buddy :smiley: Good luck for you, you’re the best !


Yeaah dude, nice job! That’s a B ****ing movie bro!
C’est bon ca!


Great job! Zombies are fantastic. I wish it was longer - as usual around here. Got the spirit in it :thumbsup:
Congratulations and good luck!


Yep this is a great entry, very well finished content. The zombi’s design, model and animations are very nice and coherent. the rig seems very good . Congrats!


Im totaly amazed!!

Your entry is perfect. technicaly is master piece. Everything is hi class. Story, totaly awsome. Funny, scary, sexy like you wanted - it is. Directoring,shots, editing makes it look like very experienced pro did it, like you :slight_smile:

recpect , regards!


I was very impressed by the hot chick’s silhouette animation, very convincing. Did you do that in 3d or did you film someone?


super design, super rendu ! bravo !

And the voice (“gnnarkgnark c’est bon caaa”) pretty cool too ^^

Good luck guy, very nice work, one of my favourite :slight_smile:


concratulation for your entry, your movie is really funny. nice idea.


Nice Job.
I love the animation and rendering.
Awesome Job !


Thank’s everybody for all your comments,

AlBrown : The woman is in 3D animate in Keyframe with an Hair&Fur simulation , render in black for the silouhette.


Simply Amazing.


This is definitely one of my favorites. You did a nice job with your zombie characters. Your work is very good.


Great entry! Funny and well done. Animations of the zombies are cool (very smooth and natural).
Congrats and good luck!


very well done!


I meant to say:
My only criticism would be your choice of thumbnail pic. I almost missed this masterpeice because of it.


I like your entry ^^ , great animation and “directory” . I really have good time watching this one ! ^^


really funny, certainly would see
congrats and good luck