B-Movie Entry: Benabdallah


This is definitely one of my favorites. You did a nice job with your zombie characters. Your work is very good.


Great entry! Funny and well done. Animations of the zombies are cool (very smooth and natural).
Congrats and good luck!


very well done!


I meant to say:
My only criticism would be your choice of thumbnail pic. I almost missed this masterpeice because of it.


I like your entry ^^ , great animation and “directory” . I really have good time watching this one ! ^^


really funny, certainly would see
congrats and good luck



very very good!
love the design and lighting and shading…and just about all of it actualy!
well done.


Outstanding!!! my favorite! the, color, animation, concept, all is very impressive and funny.
The luck is useless, you don´t need jaja!


A MASTERPIECE,i m sure u didnt sleep a lot to finish it at time…I love the evil dead style of ur zombies and i think your film is really complete ( design render animation ,FX and sound), do u plan to do another one?


hahaha! that was great! short sweet and simple! :thumbsup: the animations were pretty good too! b-movie comedy! good luck!


My favorite entry at all! Smart idea, nice modeling and animation, best postprod.


Thanks everybody for your comment,

Hal9000 : Yes I did’nt sleep a lot for this film, and yes i’m working on an other project with a friend.



Who’s yr friend for yr next short?


ohhhhh mannnnnnnnn…I can’t wait anymore for the result…I pray and sacrifice my stomach with 1kg of meat to make you win… your movie is so awsome , it must be the winner!!!


Ok, this one is definetly my favorite.
It’s totally in the subject. I want to see more.
Amazing work.
You deserve to win!


THIS IS VERY POWERFUL ENTRY! Nice Ideea and story,and very good execution.

Best to you!


YO!!! c’est vraiment cool!!


Awesome Work! I’am really impress by your Skill!
When I saw your movie, a sentence has crossed my mind: “That is good!” Its really look like old school funny B-movies!
I think that the streap-tease music really improve the meaning of the movies, in a sweet funny way!
This music, what a good idea!


kan c que c les résulta sérieux


Soo happy to see you winning mate :beer: