B-Movie Entry: Benabdallah


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First Zombie Modeling Wip without to much details.


Great start - love the fingers!

Good luck


The story takes place in a dark forest, a woman sillhouette enter in and two zombie want’s to make a breakfast but the woman was nothing but a Outaspace blob who came to make a bigger Breakfast.


The second zombie wip, not finish not satisfy with the hand not enough cool.


Characater :
Two Zombie
One Blob with multiple form ( woman, funny scary form)


Format 30sec


Zombie turn around

Play Video >>


Just wanted to say that i really like your work…especially the latest piece! :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:


looking so cool! great modeling and hairs !


This is just great stuff man. Your modeling skills are fantastic. Speechless.


thank’s For the comment,
here it is my second zombie, not finish but in progress.

Play Video >>


great character, i love the life jacket. it looks like the inflatable kind you get from airplanes,


the second zombie is pretty cool and very weird, which i like alot.


Hey hey! Nice funky zombies, I told you! Love the both hands of them :wink:
I hope now to see all in moving!


Hey I really like the style your going for cartoony but edgy aswell. Id Like to see some character animation with this to really see the characters move. but thumbs up,


I really like the quality of your work…I look forward to seeing the finished piece


Thank you guy’s for the comment.

The Blob Step’s for the transformation.


The blob is Coming !!!


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