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Latest Update: Finished Video: Cpt Awasome versus whale abductors from space


Hello everyone. I’m here as usual - hoping for some great time and challenges. Good luck everyone expecialy veterans!
IThings I’ve got in my mind are cardboard monster robot attacking our? planet vs Giant blue cat operated by simpson like character, flying sharks and whales etc… on the other hand I’d like to remake some classic drama story pastiche

I’m doing pastiche inspired by:

Avatar, Terminator S, Watchmen, Star trek, Hulk, The day the earth stood still


General character concept / made during lunch breake. Thumb-people ftw!


Hey fgdf,

Nice to see your the first to have something posted to show.
Though it does reminds me a bit too much of the style of that cop character from the digital tutors modeling tutorial. I hope you can take it much further that that.

good luck


Doc character sketch. I want thin limbs and egglike/box like bodies. I know this style is very common today and I want to keep it this way. Chew mainstreem stuff with your own mouth - this is the spirit of b movies as I understand it.
Best to you Nothingness!


Powodzenia Bartosz :slight_smile:


Hej Magda! Nice to see you here. Dzięki! ta edycja zapowiada się na zwariowana.

Plan is simple. No touching stories. I’ll try to put as much absurd as I can in my story.
Here’s a plot to consider;]

Captain DOC and attack of the giant whale abductors from space

fade in:
“Week ago scientist found giant object flying through space toward earth
It turned out to be a giant space ship. Suprisingly it didn’t land on New York, London or Tokyo. Object stopped only hundred meters from earth surfacce above small town of known only for its oceanarium. Object didn’t land or tried to communicate…until that day.”

Retro TV news broadcast
In a fast montage we see IR photos of incoming ship than we look from perspective of car driver at the giant space ship levitating above middle size city. We see army camp settled on a hill near the town.

Broadcast: “Noone knew why they came to our planet…” as we hear it we see a moon coverd with projection from a ship- we can recognise Giant Whale shapes.

Broadcast “When all forms of communication failed…” - as we hear it we see shots of army shooting and attacking ship with no result, bullets and rockets seem to be deflected by some kind of magnetic field,
Broadcast “…something happend”

From a extreme wide shot we see as huge brown sphere falls out from the bottom of the spaceship.

From a flyby camera we look at the site where sphere has fallen. It’s now surrounded by army troops tanks and helicopters.

Giant brown sphere starts to glow. Surface dissapears we see giant robort kneeling. Machine arises.

Broadcast “In the dark times, when everything fails, there is one man we can trust…”
We see a ship landing in the military camp. Ship reminds of a smiling face. Ramp opens. We barely see silhouette as light from the entrance blinds us. From above we see a human shadow as it covers the ramp. Man stops, we see as shadow expands as he takes off a helmet.

Broadcast “Captain Doc”
We see Captain Doc in all his magnificence.

“Bring it on!”

Broadcast "
News-like montage of debrief , GIANT ROBOT walking down the streets toward oceanarium, DOC pushing a button on his wrist.

We’re in space, we see some kind of orbital station, some attached to it object as it ignites it’s engines.
Giant bullet like object enters atmosphere, it glows - it looks like a meteor. As it passes army camp smaller object detaches - a crate - and lands on a parachute in the middle of the camp. Giant bullet hits the ground near the downtown. We see impact crater and two giant blue robotic legs and tail buried in a ground.

We see Old woman walking down the street in a downtown as shadow covers everything. Grandma looks up and starts to scream. In the frame we see street, on the right side there is a glowing shop label and promotional stand, in a background giant robot passes.

GENERAL, SOLDIERS and DOC are gathered around the crate. Crate opens. tension grows as futuristic fancy object changes its shape in a complicated sequence. It turnes out to be a mini trolley size model of a blue cat with wires a rig of some kind.

Fast montage as DOC connects his limbs to a machine that turnes out to be a giant motion control device.

Giant blue cat machine arises.

“Let’s do this!”

In slow motion we see a SOLDIER on his kneels waves two flares in hes hands, GIANT BLUE CAT passes, we see it’s “belly”.

Confrontation, we see series of western like close ups.
Both giant machines seem to move in slow motion due to their giant size.
GIANT ROBOT punches first but misses, punches again and misses but this time he hits building - a giant donnut on the roof. Donnat flies and hits the army camp. Panic starts in the camp. Tanks are destroyed one soldier screams while running.

“Everyone get to tha choppa”

GIANT BLUE CAT stands on two feets and hits GIANT ROBOT with a series of slapps
GIANT ROBOT contracts successfully punching GIANT BLUE CAT’s jaw.
We see DOC in remote control as he absorbs this punch in a slow motion. Army troops around are irritated

Robots are now in clush, both robots tries to crush the oponent
GIANT ROBOT holds GIANT BLUE CAT, we see struggle on their faces and finally a touchy look on GIANT BLUE CAT’s face.
GIANT ROBOT throwes GIANT BLUE CAT on a nearby building and starts to walk to oceanarium. His walk turnes to jog

GIANT BLUE CAT reboots, arises and look toward nearby hills and ocean as GIANT ROBOT jog to the oceanarium.
GIANT BLUE CAT runs through the fields, obviously he takes shortcut and he is first on the site.
GIANT ROBOT appears, we see his angry
GIANT BLUE CAT holds a whale
GIANT ROBOT seems to be worried as GIANT BLUE CAT plays with a whale
Closeup on a whale - it seems worried too
GIANT BLUE CAT swallows whale as GIANT ROBOT jums on the CAT
We see soldiers applause

GIANT BLUE CAT turnes around when GIANT ROBOT grabs his tail with left arm and prepares to strike a blow. He does, BLUE CAT eye’s popps out he looks like he’s about to vomit.
GIANT BLUE CAT blows and whale flies high in the sky.

We’re inside a plane, young girl watches clouds, suddenly a whale flies nearby, girl is supprised.

From ground level we observe as whale falls toward the ocean.
We see a race to the shore GIANT ROBOT seems to be a leader, he jumps, he almost grabs the whale when GIANT BLUE CAT grabs his leg
Whale falls into the ocean, GIANT ROBOT falls and impales on a lighthouse,
GIANT ROBOT is about to die, GIANT BLUE CAT wins
GIANT ROBOT manages to push some buttons on a device on his wrist, he starts to laught.
We see and hear countdown
GIANT BLUE CAT figures out something’s wrong about to happen, he runs as fast as he can
We see DOC in a remote control machine, soldiers cheers him

GIANT ROBOT explodes, we see small nuclear mushroom
Space ship flies away.
TV BROADCAST : Celebrations CAPTAIN DOC did it again!


hi I remember You from the steam challange, its nice to see you again it looks like this time ill participate too the topic is funny for me so i ll try, best to you, good luck.


Hello. This is eveil Giant Robot. Whale abductor from space. I wanted to keep it clean and simple mor of a classic b class machine


Another concept / Giant cat robot remotely controlled by DOC


Hi. I made my first model. Tank classic shape with some 60’s influences


Good Luck mate! You are moving fast :wink:


Hi! nice to see you here mate! Are you going to join competetion? :beer:
This time a I want to focus on animation and because I have like +80 shots ( and cutting) atm I’d better get it started.


Funny script mate - and very ambitious! I feel sorry for your computer!! Best of luck, looking forward to seeing your progress…


Another of military vehicles in progress.


Hi there and thanks!
I need to deal with real life as all of us in here. I’ll make layout animations first to optimize hero objects required to do this movie - this is my only chance to be honest.


Man, you’re fast! Nice work on the vehicles, keep up the work!


Hi Santo thanks!. I’m trying so i’ll put a new render. Truck and heli. Both background objects.


Great concept for the robot. Can’t wait to see it in action.


80+ shots! Wo hoo Sounds exciting time ahead. This time around I have ended up in the judging panel. Will be game in the next challenge :wink: