B-Movie Entry: Anton Toomere


It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I finaly tweaked colors and look that I like.
Fixed textures also :slight_smile:

tell me what you think, I’d could really use some feetback at this stage :slight_smile:


Hi Anton.

I have been following your thread since the beginning and i am very impressed. It only gets better and better.:applause:
I really have no suggestions to make because for my untrained eye this comp looks perfect and i am dying to see what you cook up in the animation part.

Good luck with your huge project :slight_smile:


Last WIP test looks great. Cant wait see it in motion


thank you Karel and Staszek. I’m glad that you like my work and you don’t mind the over clamped colors :slight_smile: I’ll leave it be then.
Animation is as it is, I’m not an animator anyway but I’ll to create trailer that will make you forget that you watching 3d and start following the story. that is actually the main goal to tell the story about world without water :slight_smile:

Thanks again and next I’ll do a little planning and start with particles.


Character sheet.

In total texturing both of the main characters, Hoh and the Pacman, alien took me about a week. all textures are from 1024 to 2048 in size, can hold a close up for couple of seconds :slight_smile:

Hoh has a red moncler jacket, blue t-shirt, climbing belts, two pairs of shorts(as would runner or a climber have) and an old german boots.

hope you like him! :slight_smile:


very god damn cool. The new shading for the aliens is great! and the shading for the guy as well.

hope you finish in time:wip:


Thank you, andreas! I’m working on it. At the moment I’m rendering characters separately from the ground and backgrounds. after that i’ll render ground diffuses and post them.
long nights and no weekends :S

Hope that CGtalk will consider deadline extension for a week or soo :slight_smile:


Cool model :slight_smile: cool project and i love the idea, keep going man :slight_smile:


Thank you! Same words to your team Beuda! Mantage, characters, environment everything is at it’s peak.
Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

little demolition demo. In this part character is running on collapsing iceberg.
This was reactor simulation, done in several steps.

Play Video >>


this is what i’m cooking at the moment. Simulating snow, pieces of ice.

Play Video >>


How does no end?


if you mean trailer, then it doesn’t end. Neither the story.

full trailer now is 45 sek, fast montage of action.
It’s gonna be fun :slight_smile:



this is going better and better. This shot will be awsome. I can imagine it with quality you did for character composition test.


Thank you Staszek, of my 2.5minute previz I took the best shots together and got 45 sek. version of a salat. :slight_smile: Usually I don’t get that much in too details on the project, cause at the studio my work is 2d 3d style frames and general art direction.
But in the end we all get a good material to put in the portfolios or print on the wall. So everybody wins :slight_smile:


this project is shaping up to be pretty cool. the pre-viz animatic tells the story with some true epic sweep, and this last scene you’re working on looks action-packed. I like the overall look of the arctic landscapes, especially in those early mattes. also, there’s something about those aliens…maybe it’s their weird-looking heads, maybe it’s their inverted nipples, but their design sits somewhere on the edge of both funny and disturbing, which I think works well for the B-movie theme. the modelling and texturing of the main character is very good, as well. hopefully you have enough time to give this project the level of polish you are aiming for. good luck!


Thank you nucron. that is my exact point that characters and their actions will give a b-movie, not noise-grayscale or bad quality.
About the alien, it or he doesnt have inverted nipples :slight_smile: it’s a nose. when i modeled it the face had to resemble pacmans head with out a nose. And when i got to modeling the body, I thought of making some alien features and the nose seamed to be the most suitable feature on chest near the lungs.
I can imagine how funny and weird it would be if alien stars sneazing.

at the moment i have ca 6 sekonds rendered of a 45 sek trailer. S Lots of work


This is probably the weirdest sentence on this forum. :slight_smile:

How are things coming up? Are you able to meet the deadline?


Yes probably it is the weirdest sentence and character also. character does one thing more, this will be in the trailer. :slight_smile:
Lots of shot I did didn’t see the render, but i’ll try to include them in the trailer anyway. All the action scenes are rendered, so no worries there :slight_smile: at the moment I post all renders - killing the 3d look.

thx for support!


Software: 3ds max

final trailer for hoh

Play Video >>