B-Movie Entry: Anton Toomere


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Latest Update: Finished Video: HOH TRAILER FINAL






Storyboard seems great…
Trying to imagine the shots, that will be very enjoyable to watch i think…
Good luck with the work.


Thanx, I’v been animating previz for 3 weeks. at the moment it’s minut and a half. Full lenght will be about 2 - 2.5 minutes. At the moment there is no point to post half done animatix, but I’ll post few quickies.


ocean shots quick mattes


Funny idea. Looking forward to the animatic. Nice mattes too!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

first glimps on aliens

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I liked the music synchronization :slight_smile:


Music is cool, and the composition is cool, but frankly I didnt understand what happened.


music will be different in final composite. for now it’s just for the kicks. :slight_smile:
in this scene rubber alien tryies to dehydrate a bicycle then gives up and get physical with it. Alien gets shot by an average Joe who gets dehydrated in a glips of second.

This scene will be used as a news footage that will run on screens of the Time Square in NY. I allready made it less shacky and retimed end a little longer.


very cool. i like the design alot more when i see them in motion than in the storyboard. Cool!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

main character of the trailer - Hoh (Ho:)
some parts flexed in max, CAT rig.

In the story, Hoh is an eskimo icebreaker, who lives in a north pole.

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previz and modeling shots. 

Sorry for the quality, this images I took on my phone because was too lazy to screencapture them.

Also the previz is allmost done, 2 scenes of 15 in total is left to finish.


Hi Anton,

Great looking movie matte’s. The aliens look wonderfully weird. Can’t wait to see more.

PS: if you want people to find your thread, you should put the link in your signature. I was under the impression that you weren’t competing in this challenge.


thx Mista Fraggadeli for the suggestion :slight_smile: done
aliens now are low poly, there is alot more of weirdeness about them yet to come. But there will be only one close up shot of them in the end of the trailer just before they get to know HOH intimately :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

couple weeks a go one of friends and a collegue from studio was shooting what’s happening. At that time I finished my studio work and was working on B-movie.
As result a making of material :slight_smile:

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Wow man very good job i didnt know that you have participate also.
Excellent work and strong skills of art.Waiting for your new WIP stuff…
Bravo and keep working man…


Software: 3ds max

Over a month of work and a little over 2 'n half minute story.
Alien invasion part is less animated, Hoh kicking aliens more. Also more action in the second part :slight_smile:

Music and sound designs are placeholders for now.

Hopefully you’ll like the story :slight_smile:

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Pacman alien texturing WIP.
Alien will have something similar to shark's skin texture. 

cc are welcomed :)