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Latest Update: Storyboards / pre-visualization: buildings lopo 3d


I’ve been away for a while from the cgtalk forums and didn’t realize that there was a new challenge running.

At first i did not want to enter, well obviously because there is only 35 days left - out of how many?

But since i was finding myself checking out the forums a couple of times each evening the last 5 days or so, and also the fact that i’ve only done 70’ies 80’ies monster drawings the last couple of days.

So I might as well just enter and see how far i can get in the short amount of time. I don’t like working under pressure, but I thrive in that particular work-environment never the less - so maybe its perfect.


What I want to make:

A short, fast paced, sitcom-ish micro short animation in the same style universe as the old 60’ies, 70’ies 80’ies Godzilla and UltraMan films/series.
Which means a cheesy design, some “near-cardboard” environments, some flimsey laser/pew pew effects and bad acting.

What tech?
I dont know yet. Most likely Lo Po 3D, since that is a fast way to get something cool out there - SO I can concentrate on the fun stuff (for me) like animation and designing. First designs and story, then tech and all that sort of stuff.

Final look
Well i’m gonna think about that for awhile. I’de like to make the “recordings” look old, but i’m not sure how yet. But it has to fit the “era” this film was shot in!

So i’ve drawn some monsters. Thought about having a 50 foot monster… literally. hehehe


here is a monster i might actually like! the one on the far left is nice. 

What I've realized from watching a couple of [b]UltraMan[/b] episodes, both old and new, and I've seen all the [b]Godzilla[/b] movies in the past, is that the monsters [u]ALWAYS[/u] look like they are costumes ([i]which they ofcourse are[/i]) that can be dressed onto a person... in one case - two persons. [b](hence: [/b][pestar](http://www.sota.dk/stuff/bmovie/pestar.jpg)[color=Lime] [b])




Here are some more designs.

Again the one on the far lower left, the one with a dark whole for an eye with a glowing dot in the middle. And electric discharges from the “nipples” on the top of its head.

The three-eyed thing in the top middle is also quite fancy, and silly.
The one right before that one also.

Thats a thing I think is important in my final design - that there is a chest and a sixpack or something close to a sixpack. Reason for this is that it is pretty silly to design something with big muscels and uh! yeah also outside underpanties.

There is also a leg design here, which I think I’ll go with.

For the hands I dont know yet. I’m leaning towards the clippers, scissor kind-of design. But the giant clumsey wrench hands on the creature in the lower left is also quite funny.


Here is a quick mockup of one of the sketches. I like this one the most … i think. But I have to think about for a day or so.

Any critique?

Next up: Finalize monster design. Change what needs to be changed. I’m going to put in the knees from before, and I’m probably going to change the hands also. I think the claws should be a little longer, I think there should be one more talon on each claw, so there would be 3 talons in total on each claw.


  [b]So this [u]might[/u] just be the final design for the monster.[/b]

 It now has the faceted muscel groups on the chest. Some red orbs added to make it flashy. The knee design from earlier has been added. The "brain" part has gotten the same faceted treatment as the chest and the knees. The new hands are on.
[b]Next:[/b] Modelling of the monster. I'll go for the [b]LoPo 3D[/b] approach, which I tested earlier last month on my effort on the [b]"Animation Tag Attack"[/b] [b](link:[/b] [AnimTagAttack](http://www.animationtagattack.blogspot.com/)[b]) [/b]animation collab. 


The reason for this is that the rigging and skinning process will be alot lighter, the modelling is faster and the model will "retain" its silhouette awesomeness, since its not smoothed - and my computer will NEVER let me use edge displacement.

And thats it for now. Hope you like.



so i’ve started out on the modelling.

Funny thing is:
yes I see!!! no need to point it out! -hahahaha

With that out of the way, I must admit that I was aware from an early point that the “crystal” head might resemble something else. Well I actually took (and still do) that resemblence as a quality within the realms of the style I’ve chosen. (referring to older post)

In those 60’ies 70’ies 80’ies Godzilla and UltraMan series, monsters occasionally look “silly” in that regard. So I sticked with it for as long as I could bare.
This ofcourse means that I am taking care of this now, however preserving the silhouette. But I will be remodelling the lines, and in the normal map process something will be done as well.

While modelling this I’ve started storyboarding. I’m not going to write any synopsis, that is not how I work, and I think it’s also more optimized to not write something - which you are going to “rewrite” with your drawings once you sit down and figure out that something is uncool, or doesn’t work well enough.

Model should be finished, then Normal Maps, then Color Maps.
Storyboard should be finished in a jiffy also.


Here is a more updated version. I’m just about to get started on normal mapping. It’s gonna be fun!

Just need to make the chest plates, the six-pack, and the crystals on the head.


Normals are somewhat done. fine enough for the moment anyway.

I’ve also started texturing and shading, but that might change as we go.

The story is also done - I’ve been working with the story in a special way, where I’ve weighted priorities for each scene. Which means that there is some scenes I’ll do and have a finished product, which can stand alone as a whole - However it will lack some depth and fun stuff, so there is another step in the priorities which will make the product more eatible for the audience. Finally the last priority will finish it all, and maybe make the product more whole.

For the voice acting I’m thinking of shouting japanese in my microphone, then translate it. That would give a great Godzilla/UltraMan feel to it.

And some doodles to look at:

Stuff and buildings which I’d like to have in the video.

Beam designs. I don’t know which one i’ll take yet!

A reworked frame from the storyboard.
I’ll upload the storyboard later tommorrow.


Apparently this is a repost. All text deleted!



Here is the storyboard on one sheet.

There is one with no priorities, this is to be able to see what is going on without having to deal with the flashy colors. The other storyboard has been prioritized. As I mentioned yesterday, there are three levels of priority. And the last two (the orange and the red) are almost the same.

The most important thing is that, if I only have time to do the green boards, there will still be something to look at.
If I have the time to do the yellow - the final product will be better ofcourse.
And the last two will finish it off.

What is happening in the storyboard is as follows:

[i]1: The general/president (yeah!) concludes that there is no more room to put trees on earth, so he’ll start planting trees on the moon. He says it - violent style.

2: [/i] [i]An alien on the moon picks it up (with super technology) and initiates the defensive.

3: [/i] [i]The best defensive is ofcourse and offensive. So a giant thingy is sent to earth to mess people up.

4:[/i] [i] People are being messed up. Buildings are being leveled.

5: [/i] [i]General/President determines that something needs to be done. He points out a worthy for the job - he reappoints that job to the next in line, a sargent, who reappoints the job to a private, who reappoints to a recruit, reappoints to his wife, reappoints to her son who finally reappoints to his dog.

6:[/i] [i] The dog is placed on street.

7:[/i] [i] Alien monster trashes it.

8: [/i] [i]ALien monster does awesome moves - splits earth.

9:[/i] [i] General/President; Crap


Here is also the plane and the tank, done really quick. Since they are never to really be in closeup, there is no need for them to be any more detaily. I’ll do some quick textures for them later.


[b]Just a quick monster update.

I’ve finished the shaders, and the texture should be ok now. I’ve done a SPECmap just to get rid of some of all that leahtery look.
I also tested some “physical sun and sky”, but my shaders just stop working. I have not much knowledge of shaders and all that magic, so I’ll read up on that. But I reverted back to some other setup, which resembles “physical sun and sky”, but isn’t. I think it might do the trick, since it’s supposed to be evening.

Good night people.


Great concept art and funny story.


Today I’ve been working on some setpieces. The whole idea behind these is that everything is made out of seperate blocks of stuff, then put together to form a bigger construction.
The different pieces I’ve made this evening are:

[b]1: satelite discs
2: 3 antennas
3: 4 building blocks (one story = a block)
4: streetlight
5: box for flowers to hang out of windows
6: an open window
7: AirCondition box for outside buildings.
8: 2 top pieces for roof exit and other stuff.

start rigging monster and make more set pieces.


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