B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Very nice characters and animation, funny movie. Great ‘not even the cameraman dares to watch’ scene.
Good job all :thumbsup:


Very interesting.
I like the animation and modeling.
Very funny.
Great job !


Chicken chicken!!
yes super work u doneeeee
good luck to all :thumbsup:


hello, i can’t see the end of your movie ? i’am alone in this case ?


Glad you guys liked it, we had lots of fun doing it. We had to simplify the original plan/script because some key members of the team got paid freelance work and were unable to work on it as much… All things considering I think all of us are pretty happy with the end result…

I havent noticed but the file is just over 100Mb so you might need to let it buffer up properly on the player. Or try downloading the movie instead of streaming it!


ok ok :slight_smile:
but be careful , i have read on the rules we can’t exeed 50mb for uploading :slight_smile:


FANTASTIC. Every aspect was top notch. I hope Beuda was wrong about the 50MB thing. Mine was 170.


but …

“Videos need to be encoded with a screen ratio of 4:3, common resolutions would be 640x480 or 320x240. The higher the bitrate you use the more space your animation will require. Keep in mind you are allowed only 50 megs of video files…”


I asked them in the FAQ thread, we’ll see if they answer :slight_smile:

That info you’re referring too, is probably for the CGuploader(video files for CGportfolios), which is a different uploader than the one we’re using for the contest, in this case - the Challenge uploader. They didn’t write anything under the “Rules” section, nor under “Deliverables” about this, and if they really have a limit of 50MB, then many submissions won’t make it in the contest.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for everyone that I’m right :slight_smile:


Edit: I’m with stupid.

It’s a bit unclear but I think you’re right. It would be counterproductive if there really was a 50Mb limit :smiley:


Haha - your movie is really funny and a good work too.


I really enjoyed this one as well. You guy did a great job!


Congratulations guys! Nice job. Great that you managed to complete it even though you got yourselves into a zombilooking condition. I guess it is a part of the B-movie :-).
Good luck now with the competition.


Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:
I’m so glad we made it!


Very nice, it’s a great movie !.. the end is very funny !..“applause” very good job


That was great. I really liked everything, especially the camera angles and lighting. A lot of fun to watch. All the best in the Competition! :slight_smile:



awesome, really great movie :cool:
Good luck



really great entry.
brilliant making of as well, congrats!


Thanks a lot, everyone! :smiley:


Great stuff.
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