B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


yes the explosion is made in maya fluids, there is also some debris flying around from instanced particles but i dont think that is showing :smiley:

The lighting is a spotlight with some decay and then some fill lights on the car etc, rims on the house etc. Used a linear workflow :slight_smile:


I think I know what you mean about the camera on that last shot. But I don’t mind if you elaborate a little bit just to make sure :slight_smile: There’s two known issues with the shot, the camera stops before the shot is over, and the background matte isn’t tracked right now and it feels like the set is moving, not the camera!

Thanks for the feedback!


Software: Maya,mental ray

Hey all, here’s another one.
I think this one’s entirely rendered by Andreas(Ackee) as well :slight_smile:

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Software: Maya

Here’s som new animation from Dan(framed). The baby chick models were modeled by Carolina and rigged by Joakim.

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Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

Here’s a making of WIP of our project :slight_smile:
Compositing of this video: Joakim Palmkvist.

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Software: Maya

Here’s another shot. I think this is one of the last shots of the shortfilm. Animated by Dan(Framed) again :slight_smile:

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Hehehe, Very great idea, Really!! Can’t wait to see the final.

Work hand and take some rest! Finally Cheer! my friend! :smiley:


Thank you for you encouraging words :slight_smile:
Take care you too and keep producing great pieces!


Software: Maya

Some updates from Dan!
This one’s still pretty much in wip, so please ignore the double sound, etc. It’s getting fixed :slight_smile:

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really funny :slight_smile: good work guys.
reminded me old MTV animations. where purple cat that seated on a tree and one crazy chicken just wouldn’t stop bugging the cat. After that cat wasted the chicken :slight_smile:

fast and flicker free renders to you!


I hope you’ll have enough time to finish, it’s excellent !

Good luck ! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the encouraging words you too! :slight_smile:
I hope the renderings go smooth without any fuzz as well.


Software: After Effects,Maya

This will be our final making of :slight_smile:

No time to write now gotta do the finish…

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Hurry, hurry!! I want to see this one done. Remember, your chickens make my chickens look stupid. (No offense, Noggin.)


gogo :smiley: :buttrock:


I wish…we just missed the deadline with 2 minutes, cant belive it after all the sleepless nights the last weeks…well
bummed :buttrock: :cry:


The submissions are still open as far as I see…


There was an upload extension. See last page of faq


Yeah we just noticed, we are working to get this done.
But we have some parts of our team sleeping and not answering their phones hehe

Stay tuned for the final version :slight_smile:


Software: Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Finally, the final video is up!

Softwares used: Maya, Fusion, Mental Ray, 3dlight and photoshop.

About the movie

Well, the main idea was pretty much as most other people would get when thinking of things that could suit a typical horror Bmovie. We wanted to come up with something really bizarre yet funny, and the idea of a giant mutated chicken(with three heads?!) popped up as we were brainstorming. Definitely something “eadioactive” and including a screaming blonde girl felt like a complete obligation.

And from there, everything started spinning. We decided immediatelythat this should be a complete CG movie having everything being done in 3D.
We used regular pen and paper for early concepts and storyboards, photoshop for everything 2D, turnarounds, moodboards, etc. And last but not least, all the 3D stuff was created in Maya.

We had a great time working on this, so thanks to everyone who worked with us and thanks for following our progress through these months. It’s been tough and we barely made it to the finish line, thanks to the guys who managed to stay up and render like crazy yesterday :slight_smile:

I wanna wish everyone good luck in the contest, and hopefully we’ll see you in the next ones in the future.

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