B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Your concept and characters personalities look promising to me. I 'm looking forward to see more. Good luck all:cool:


Software: Maya


Here’s the next shot animated by Dan (Framed) :slight_smile:

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he he he realy cool shot ! animation looks nice, i like esspetialy this one chiken on right :slight_smile: this tired one :wink:


Super Cool! I can really start to see alot of character in your animation test! Good luck!


I love their eyes:thumbsup:


Software: Maya

Next animation shot! By Dan again.

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Hi guys. It is looking good. Really nice characters. Keep up the good work.
Can´t wait to see the renders.

from Ms Secret Agent


Here’s a fast moodboard and lighting suggestion.


Software: Maya

Here’s another sequence animated by Dan(Framed)

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Here’s another rendering wip from Andreas (ackee). Looking good!! :slight_smile:


Animation and rednering looks very nice.
Good luck on finish line


It’s been a while since I visited this therad and it looks very solid. Animations are solid if you keep render quality as in the last submission this should be great.
Good luck!


Software: Maya

Here’s another sequence from Dan(Framed) again.

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Thanks for the support and good luck to you too, I’ve been lurking on your threads a lot latelly… Don’t know about yourself but this is going to be one tight deadline for us… I hope it won’t look too rushed!


Software: Maya

Here’s a new wip from Dan (Framed)

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Thanks for the upload, I just can’t make the uploader work for me… :slight_smile: This shot is still a couple hours from delivery, so much going on with this character its hard to keep up… with the schedule we have!


Software: Maya,mental ray

Here’s a rendered shot from Andreas (ackee).

Done with Maya, mental ray and Fusion.

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Software: Maya,mental ray

I accidently uploaded a dark version of that previous shot, so here’s a lighter version.

Still done by Andreas (Ackee) with Maya, mental Ray and Fusion.

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Looking good. I don’t know how whole sequence will look like but I only suggest you to improve camera work, now it moves in unnatural way.
Good luck! :beer:


I like the explosion, did you use Maya fluids for it? How did you do the lightning?