B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


This really coming together really well. I am really impressed with how it looks. its so good that the animation will really have to be spot on, I am looking forward to seeing how this goes.


Some more props for the farm :slight_smile:

Boba’s & Joakim’s work!


Here’s a digital paintover I made of the blonde girl model. Model made by Carolina Årnäs :slight_smile:


Great design, I love the 3 heads chiken :slight_smile:


Thought I might share my modelsheet of the farmer as well :slight_smile:
The model is in the making by Carolina right now, so I’ll upload the model and paintover later on as well!


hope that you’ll use your paintovers for textures - they are nice.
Painted look with reflections and soft lights will look definitely good.


igorsandman: Hey there, thank you very much!

dkirkland: Thank you! :slight_smile: Yeah I’m really excited to see the final result of this whole thing!

wayofthepixel: Thanks! Yeah I’m pretty sure that the animators in our team will make a great job :slight_smile:

ASKsebastienchauvel: Thank you!

digiboxoffice: Thanks very much! Yep, that’s the goal, to make it look as much as the design as possible.


Here’s the storyboard we started out with for the story. It was very rough before so I cleaned it up a bit. Hopefully we’ll be able to show the layouts soon as well.


Thought that I might share the model sheet of the baby chick.


I look forward to watching your final. The chicken model has so much character and attitude. It’s one of my favorites so far. Good Luck!!!


Hey Noukah! great models and paints!! nice concept too, i agree with digitboxoffice, hopefully you can keep the paint style in the 3d models.
Good luck! :buttrock:


Andrea is adding video the right way. Be patient :stuck_out_tongue:


realy cool! peach fuzz on hair is nice :slight_smile:
very Incredibles look.

would be nice to see more of the animation. But again character is lovely.
Good work guys and girls!


Software: Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

Here’s the blonde all shaded and textured.
textures painted by me, shaders and lighting made by Andreas and the model was finalized by Carolina.

Play Video >>


Pear3d: Tank you very much for the encouraging words :slight_smile:
Luc14no: Thank you! Yes, I tried to apply the same painterly feel as much as possible, much will also depend on how Andreas solves it with the shaders.
digiboxoffice: I’m glad you like it! The animations are currently in the making as we speak, an hopefully I’ll be able to let you have a taste on that as well.


Here’s a testrender by Andreas when she’s sitting on top of the silo.


I’d lower the camera ange, because now feels like she will fall or slide down. And try to frame it so that mountains would get in to the shot and a little bit of sky.
Render looks qiute noisy, I asume you use bruteforce with lower setting or something like that. What if try lightcache or irradiance map to blur samples?!
Was this particular shot blured in 3d software? I’d suggest blur it in post then you’ll get preaty bokeh in the background and no noise.

But overall it’s just details, blonds look nice anyway :slight_smile:
good work


Hi thanks for you input. The camera is animated as a zoom in with a little bit of tilt and this is a frame in the middle of that movement but yes we would have to check the cameras so they work together with all the elements to get a nice composition. The noise is a post effect, looking for a little bit of an older grainier look with some strange blur and some oversaturated colors mixed with low key colours. The image is blured in post but we will have to tune the blur and the noise when we have the whole sequence rendered out.


Looking really nice Andrea. I like the character and lighting a lot. :slight_smile:



Software: Maya

Some animation from dan (a.k.a Framed) :slight_smile:

Play Video >>