B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Nice chicken hahah, good work


oneczech: Thank you! Well, so far he’s got no other name than “Radioactive three-headed chicken” :slight_smile: We have a script that’s somewhat finished, that Joakim helped to rewrite. I’ll see if I can upload it next time. Hopefully, I’ll have time to make the storyboards soon as well.

Zabander: Once again, thanks Zabander! Yeah boba is great :slight_smile:


Here’s the third head. The sleepy one.


Here’s the chicken model so far! :slight_smile:


haha i love this! seriously cool and fun.


opentarget: Thanks! :slight_smile:


Here’s the modelsheet of the gal that will get eaten by the giant beastie-chicken.


Some Craz-ee Chicken Dancing There Miss


hey Noukah,

Your concept is looking very nice. I really liked your three headed chicken. Wish it had six legs, would’ve made a nice dinner dish for the whole family (for the whole city for your case :p) hehe. Keep up the good works.



that chicken is hilarious. can’t wait to see your character modeled out.


A digital paintover of the whole body that I made.


And some closeup paintovers for the heads :slight_smile:


valentious: Thank you!

overcontrast: Hey thank you! Yeah six legs would’ve looked cool too. I wouldn’t dare to eat them though :wink:

tastyUdon: hehe thanks. More character models will soon be on the way!


make my chickens look stupid. Great work!!!


lunar1369: Thank you! Which thread is yours? :slight_smile: Not sure if I’ve seen your chickens hehe.


You’re welcome. Follow the link in my sig below


I thought Id share the camerarigs I made for this project, 2 versions of a dolly cam and a hand held cam.

Maya version:

creative crash download

Hope you like them


lunar1369: Cool, I’ll go check it out! :slight_smile:

Here’s the script people : Click


you’ve got some awesome illustrations on your blog!
I’m looking forward to seeing your entry.
Good luck to all of you (and thanks JockeP for your message on my thread)


Your illustration style is rad! Love it! The contrast between the 3 different heads is striking - looking forward to seeing more. :slight_smile: