B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Andrea Femerstrand is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: At last


So far the concepts are done for the 3 -headed chicken, we do have some props modeled for the lonely farm and storyboards will soon be on the way.

The video will be showing a fake teaser about this spectacular old b-movie á la 50’s style starring a chicken evovling into this hideus monster after getting hit in the head by a tiny little glowing comet from outer space.

Lot’s of clichés, lot’s of drama, hehe.

I’m also entering the Image challenge creating a movie poster about this fake teaser. It’s gotten approved by the rest of the team, and they let me have access to designs, characters and plots. Correct creds will be given to everyone who’s been involved.

Allright here are the team members so far:

Boba Subin - character modeler
Joakim Palmkvist - rigger/prop modeler/animator
Andreas Andersson - Lighting artist
Andrea Femerstrand - concept artist, storyboard artist
Sofie Trigo Wagner - UV artist

More people will be involved later on, so this list will get updated frequently.


Joakim modeled the windmill this other day. Pretty, pretty.


Great character design - can’t wait to see it strutting around!

Good luck


First rough model of the chicken by Boba!


Duncs: Thank you! :slight_smile: Yeah I’m looking forward to see it come to life as well!


some size relations so far


hello, i really like that chiken, i want to see the process of this production :slight_smile:


Your three headed chicken is missing two heads :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise great sculpting on that chicken :slight_smile:


lovely designs
would love to follow up on this production :smiley:


Just had to share this shader test done by the lighting artist - Andreas. Looks cool already :smiley:


Zabander: Thank you very much! Me and the rest of the team really appreciate this a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you I’m glad you like! See you around here and on DA :slight_smile:


:applause:Great work !



Fantastic designs, looks very promising and original, The design is following the pattern of many of your work (the ones in your online folio) so i am sure you have a lot of experience pulling it off, i look forward to see more of this project …!
Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanks for the words of encouragement…checked out ur blog…u have awesome painting skills…love the princess mononoke one! :smiley:


A chicken ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice design and great style, good luck !


Aighty, here’s the turnaround of head no.2, the stupid head :smiley:


And heres the rough model of the second head so far!


threedeesfx: Thank you! Hehe yeah well, the chicken is still in mutation-progress :wink: The second one just popped out.

visionmaster2: Thanks!

amir jahanlou: Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Bingu: No problem. Why thank you too!

Pangloss: Haha yeah :smiley: Thanks, we’ll do our best!


nice Chicken … does it have a name??

would you have a sketch of the final compostion? i would like to learn more about what you are heading into.

NICE! :slight_smile: