B-Movie Entry: Amir Jahanlou


Hey Digi, rest assured…this is a very, very, very rough lighting test put together in photoshop to find our colors:)…the scene is a good 80% incomplete. But thanks for the advice.


Comments are welcome.


Super work
nice starting :thumbsup:


I would whack a quick deformer on each of the pillars and line them up a little and give them some diversity. They feel like clones right now.


cool modeling. cant wait to see it with textures and shaders.

in your previous post you mentioned about rough testing of all elemtens together with lighting. Best is to make such tests with material(shader) overide, grey ( rgb128.128128). Then you can clearly see how light occure things. To not lost later color inforamtion because of perfect black and to not get overbrighten in other places. On medium grey all its well seen,


That vine maker is pretty sweet. I am making a short film at the moment here at Vancouver Film School. Is it possibly that I could try out that vine maker??

Great Work btw!


great work Guys…there is allot of progress, can’t wait to see the final.


With less than a month to go, we are up against 18 of these, comment and critics to improve are more than welcome.


with passes…



A new update as well, is the vegetation system I programmed last night and today :
here is the link:





I am posting this reply just to share it with my colleagues to see how we should go about compositing…

So, Ghassan, you think these passes would be sufficient or you need any more?



another lighting test…


Ambient Occlusion Pass of the first Shot… more passes to come by this evening…


Peviz of our dogs attack shot simulation.

Comments are welcome.

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Software: Maya

One of our final character animations.
environment is still in progress…

Comments are welcome.

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nice dogs animation
maybe You should try add some camera shake- this will make picture more dynamic




It obvious there is alot of hard work gone into the production here and I feel your great job with the backgrounds and environments is let down by this animation. I know the deadline is fast approaching but the animation needs some revising with wieghting especially, or as mention use camera shake to fudge over the animation if you simply do not have time.

Good luck, though, artistically it looks lovely


You are right, animation isn’t great, it’s just that animation isn’t our strength in here :frowning: we have only one person working on animation , actually only one of us knows how to animate, to top that up, we are using a crowd simulator to generate many dogs that itself introduces a brand new set of obstacles, the only revision i can see happening at the moment is to add the shake, and also adopt the dogs to the terrain. other than I am afraid we have to live with it. :frowning:

thanks for the suggestion guys, really it’s quite helpful…


wolfmen shot looks great! cant wait see it final.


This our main character animated for our second shot!

Comments? You know what to do !

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Another render test, comments are welcome.