B-Movie Entry: Amir Jahanlou



This is the video of the solution we came up with for properly positioning the tree roots on the terrain, it uses a combination of joints, rigid bodies and dynamic constraints.


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Amir great job with the trees, :thumbsup: looking good, is that the mel u were writing to fix the roots?


Software: Maya

Quick pre-viz of all the 13 shots, we’ll be uploading the new ones shot by shot soon!

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Some foliage for the forest


More foliage and misc environment elements.


This is a sculpt test to check out displacement maps


the sculpt is looking pretty cool, the clavicles are a bit too high maybe? You also have a neat concept btw. Cant wait to see whats next. Keep up the good works.


Hey overcontrast! Thanks for the support.:slight_smile:


lol nice work bing =P
and maan for u know what… =D


Comments are welcome!


i really love what im seing here, all the concept art is top notch! great to be seeing it translated to 3d. so far so good, ill check back in often.

keep it up.


Rough low-poly opening shot


Software: Maya

This is a technical video on our procedural approach for making vines over the trees. Comments are welcome!

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You guys are doing a truly incredible job, and you’re pulling off everything extremely well!
Keep it up guys, it’ll soon pay off


Awesome system for the vines. Very impressive, great job.


Software: Maya

Quick test of our Truck Rig Animated!

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It looks good but the truck is completely stuck to the ground. Maybe you can add a second layer for the animation to lift the truck a little when it turns and to make it “jiggle” left to right.


This is probably premature but I’d like to see the tires in the bed bouncin’ around.


This is a very rough test of the look!

comments are welcome.


best way to make your lights look natural it’s to look for a refference in a real life.
http://media.photobucket.com/image/night%20moon/theophania3/lunar/dark-night-full-moon.jpg - here is the example
http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/114294/dark-forest-queen-night.jpg - here are the colors I’d suggest :slight_smile:

one thing you should also pay attention to is silhouettes. At the moment it is quite hard to understand what is what in your scene.

DOF is faked, in still image it’s okay but in animation it will get out eventually.