B-Movie Entry: Amir Jahanlou


Just another variation of the character design.


Another variation of the character design.


Honestly Bing, the design’s you’ve done for the project thus far are incredible. I can’t believe you wern’t apart of the previous Gray wolf lol!! Hats off to you pal! Lets just hope I can model your bloody designs :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Tom :arteest: :thumbsup:


Very Nice! Good to see you again!


hey amir,

y is it that our names have been taken off the list on page 1?

any problem?


Fantastic concept work so far guys - really looking forward to seeing how this turns out - judging by your secret agent entry it should be a good one…

Best of luck


hi Amir,
I would love to participate with team again :slight_smile: . hope it is not too late!
and I am up for modeling, lighting , shading and matt-painting if there is any :wink:


nice one more team added :stuck_out_tongue:


loooool, Man!
I see u!! :stuck_out_tongue:


good work !


Design for one of the supporting characters.


Design for one of the supporting characters.


Scale Comparison


They look great!!! Man… its time to model the final ones!! :slight_smile: check the calendar ppl!!


Kool bingu…Question is that little guy will gonna transform into that werewolf thing ???


Updated scale chart with another character


Added character to scale chart


Amazing, they look great… MAN- get modeling!!


Final character line-up


awesome finally the characters r done :stuck_out_tongue: