B-Movie Entry: Amir Jahanlou



Hope this isn’t to late, My name’s Tom Jackson and these are a list of things I can help out on…

-Modeling - 3d Studio Max
-Lighting - 3d Studio Max
-Scene directing or visualizing

Anything else you might need help with I’m happy to help although My strongest point in modeling. Thanks Amir, I’m ready and dedicated to this, hope I can help out…Really looking forward to the challenge as well!!!

Best of luck to everyone else working on the challenge!

Tom Jackson


this post is intended to our team members only! :slight_smile:

Guys, tomorrow at 5 pm, let’s have a quick chat all together at G5?


Yeah that’d be cool


amir I’m in too ,why you didn’t mention my name


Hi amir this is deli, hope it’s not to late I would like to work with your team .
this is my first time .
I can do:


Still searching for a render engine for this project …

this one would be pretty promising if we were rendering a little less organic stuff :frowning: sadly… well… i better keep looking…


hey my name is griffin u guyz can call me ducky…i will be helping in technical assistance


Environment concept sketch.


One of the environment design sketches.


Rough Model Sheets


hey amir,

i would like to help you out wid even fumefx if u need any kind of help and also if anything in particles or dynamic effects. :smiley:


orrite ladies, since everyone knows what they are doing, let the games begin :arteest:


Love your concept art. Best of luck to your team.


Bing, It looks great. Let’s see how Man’s draft model turns out. I’m bringing all the ref footage and images today. Good Luck Man!


One of the earlier concept sketches


Wolf concept art


More concepts


Concept art


Hands/Claws concept art


wow, this thread went wild in a couple of last days. Good luck folks!