B-Movie Entry: Amir Jahanlou


Hey everyone,

I’m Ramzi El Rifai, im really thankful that Amir is giving me this opportunity to work with him and the rest of the talented team on this challenge.
Ive helped on the last challenge and it was honestly an amazing experience, and even i didnt have much to offer back then, im certain i can help and contribute alot more this time. I’m really excited to get started.
I’ll do my best with whatever i am asked to do, be it modeling, texturing, lighting, animating or even fetching coffee. I am comfortable using 3Ds max and Adobe Photoshop.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi everyone,
i am Dilen Shah, currently doing my Bachelors in 3d Animation.
This is my first time with the Cg Challenge :stuck_out_tongue:
i am up for - modeling, rigging, rendering (mental ray), editing and effects.
The softwares i am able to work with are 3ds max 2010, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro.

Thank you Amir for giving me this apportunity.

Goodluck :buttrock:


More concept art


It’s great Bingu, i just feel the muscles are way too massive, it may give us a real hard time while rigging, keep it up, i think it’s great!


Sweet. Not a problem, I’ll be sure to make em smaller on the model.


good job bingo. :thumbsup:
keep it up man.!


Hi i am Amin i was with amir in the last secret agent project and i have learnt alot from that project and i will be working on modeling,animation,rigging and dynamics on this project so best of luck everyone…!!!


Hi, I am Ron, I will work as modeling, animation and dynamics artist in MAYA. Like the last challenge it should be fun learning and working on this challenge.

-Ron :thumbsup:


I am really looking forward to seeing your entry this time round. You guys did a great job on the last one. Best of luck


I’m interested for the music part of things… :smiley:


I’m interested in the music side of things… I’m Mahesh Raghavan by the way… sorry I didn’t include my name in the earlier comment


Looks like a great team up…looking forward to the creation!


Hi Amir !! Its me Brandon…I would love to work on your team…

I can do the following…
[li]Texture painting[/li][li]Modeling[/li][li]Sketch / Artwork[/li][li]Concepting[/li][/ul]:smiley: ! I’d be glad to help !

Thanks !


hi Ishfaq Zaman here
i would like to take part in the B-Movie Challenge
I’m really interested in : Modeling , Concept Art , Textures .


Some hand/claw designs.


hope im not too late, i still want to join in…
anyway my name’s Karlo and i can help in modeling and animation im also up for anything
else as long as it’s under Amir’s supervision



My name’s Ragini and I would like to work on Gray Wolf 2 as a texture artist or help out in the art department. Thanks.


concept looks cool - i like most this sketches with anathomy study(those on white paper) - you should upload it in submit entry ( that way judges will see it ) they probably will not look on threads - only on entry pages i belive


Thanks Staszek. Will check out the submit entry page. :slight_smile:



I’m Ali Hassan and I would like to join you guys as a modeler.