B-Movie Entry: Amir Jahanlou


This our main character animated for our second shot!

Comments? You know what to do !

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Another render test, comments are welcome.


looks nice, alice in wonderland sort of. I don’t see any ground, is it there? and occlusion pass won’t do bad :slight_smile:
actually I’d really like to see werewolfs and dogs with fur and textures.

good work


Comments are welcome


Software: Maya


This is the teaser for our final product, more to come in a few hours.


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Software: Maya


This is the Making Of Video for our final product, Final video to be published in an hour time.

Comments are welcome.


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Shot 02 - breakdown

Comments are welcome.


Shot 04 - breakdown

Comments are welcome.


Shot 05 - Breakdown

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Shot - 09 Breakdown

Any comments, you know what to do :slight_smile:



Another shot breakdown

Comments are welcome


This would be the last breakdown we upload, after this comes the final video.

Hope you liked it



Software: Maya,Renderman,After Effects,BodyPaint,HDR Shop,mental ray,Mudbox,Photoshop,ZBrush

Finally here it is, the very final video from our end for this challenge, it’s been an exciting event, I am grateful that I had the chance to work on this challenge, also I can’t stress how thankful I am to all members of our team who selflessly devoted their time and resources to this project, I am also thankful to all my friends and colleagues for their support. It was three months of hard work and a great experience. I shall look forward to participate in future challenges.

Well done to everyone in this challenge and good luck to all.

Amir Jahanlou
19th April 2010 - 12:35 am [Dubai, GMT4+]

This is Gray Wolf II, signing off

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i loved it, great job to all the team. Was really great working with you guys i learned alot and looking forward to join you in many more challenges to come :wink:


guys , this is an amazing work
beautiful job
and good luck


It was great to work on this one… Keep it up!!


youtube was down in Dubai for about a week, so finally it’s working as of this morning and i managed to upload it there , here is the link:


See you all in the next challenge


Congrats on finishing!
I saw your post on faq about extention ,but it howerer went realy cool without it.
Forest looks very nice! I like trees various shapes, very much, adds cool atmosphere

Good Luck


So, any news, our team is impatiently waiting to know the results.



Your team’s entry is really well executed one, and looking at the winners, I guess they had a hard time choosing the winners. So many solid entries man. I wish there were hon’ble mentions. Please keep up the good work guys. A pleasure to watch your entry everytime :slight_smile: