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Latest Update: Finished Video: GRAY WOLF II: THE REDEMPTION


[font=Arial]Hello everyone[/font]

[font=Arial]  It's great to be here again. We are entering as a team and targeting a full CG product this time! Concepts and story are currently in process, we will start posting them real soon. [/font]

[font=Arial] Best of luck to everyone![/font]

[font=Arial]  Here is the story, final version [/font]:)

[li]Establishing: Exterior night shot, under moon light. Wide static shot of an abandoned cathedral in the middle of a jungle, in front of it, there is a grave yard, and a few trucks have already pulled in the scene with their front lights towards the cathedral. One man and his dog are in forefront approaching the door of the cathedral. In the foreground there is a gate of the grave yard, a note engraved on top of it directs not to enter because of the monster in the cathedral.[/li][li]Eyes: Interior, inside the cathedral, looking out of the window there is the silhouette of the beast in the foreground, man and his dog are approaching, and his gun is pointing down. Camera defocuses on the glass itself (stained) we see the eyes of the beast, he then moves out of the camera.[/li][li]Approach: Exterior, low angle camera sees man’s legs and his dog reaching the gate, he pushes the door by his gun.[/li][li]Crash! Extreme low angle, camera sees the dog, the man and the beast that crashes through a window. Shot goes into slow motion as he passes by the moon and land on the floor, camera follows him during this.[/li][li]Run: Same angle of the last camera’s ending, with the beast in the same pose where he landed, he starts running, cars pass on top the camera, the hot pursuit starts[/li][li]Track: Camera pans between trees as the beast is running, shot ends as the beast and the truck are on the two far ends of the shot, their distance is almost 3 trucks, Car’s front lights are on the floor.[/li][li]Reveal: Front camera looking down their chase, it tilts down between a truck on the floor we see the beast running and the cars chasing him. Trucks are closer to him now.[/li][li]Steering, ¾ camera sees the truck steering away to avoid hitting the trunk.[/li][li]Gun: Beast clears the felled tree, low angle camera, one of his feet lands next to camera and passes by, on his back a gunshot lights the whole jungle for a second and we see the silhouette of the dogs.[/li][li]Jump: ¾ view of a cliff that divides jungle into two sides, the beast jump over it and makes it to the other side, tree breaks and falls, the dogs jump as well, one makes it and the other fails.[/li][li]Hero: Back view of the man, looking at the other side of the jungle, the howling sound of a dying dog is heard. He is holding something in his hand and looking at it.[/li][li]Hand: Close up of the man’s hand holding a silver bullet.[/li][li]Reaction: Mid view of the man, he fists his hand; his look is wise and calm.[/li][/ul]


In the meantime, you can have a look at our last challenge:




Here’s some of the concept art for our lead character.


Some more concept sketches.


Hi… finally im here for CG challenges… big day for us !!! im so happy to work along with Amir and his guys… i will dedicate all my best and effort to win this challenge :beer: Cheerz…!!


saw bing’s concept on the “wolfman”. pretty cool! any way i can help? in any department?


Hey everyone i am Tez and i will be supervising lighting and texturing and working on the short’s rendering and dynamics, Had a very memorable time last time we participated in this event, made a lotta friends had a lotta fun and learnt a lot. Made mistakes and learnt from them. looking forward for a great competition, Best of luck and god bless to everyone participating in this event.

Tez :beer:


This is my first CG challenge and i’m really excited to be working with this team!


hello Amir,

This is Resha Mandalia here studying Bachelors of 3D animation at SAE, Dubai. I am interested to be a part of this CG challenge and am ready to commit myself for it.
I am up for
[/li][li]Visual Effects
The softwares I am able to operate are Adobe Photoshop, 3D studio max, Final Cut Pro.

Thank you!


hello Amir,

This is Resha Mandalia here studying Bachelors of 3D animation at SAE, Dubai. I am interested to be a part of this CG challenge and am ready to commit myself for it.
I am up for

[/li][li]Visual Effects
[/li][/ul]The softwares I am able to operate are Adobe Photoshop, 3D studio max, Final Cut Pro.

Thank you!


Well, Thanks to our incredible concept designer Bingu, here is an early concept design for the monster, in a few days time i will post all of our team members as well as the story and the final design, there on we’ll start on story boarding and pre-viz!


I like the red glowing to his eyes. Nice start.


What the story behind ?


Hey, this is Farzad and my sec CG challenge with this team,Another great challenge looking forward to it.
ill do my best.
best of luck to everyone. cheers :beer:



Hi everyone,
i am Lawrencia Aranha, currently doing my Bachelors in 3d Animation here at SAE Dubai. i am really exited about the challenge and want to be a part of it =D This is my first time with the Cg Challenge :stuck_out_tongue:
i am up for - modeling, texturing, editing and effects. the softwares i am able to work with are 3ds max, adobe after effects, adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

im looking forward to this challenge and will do my best =D
Thank you &
Goodluck everyone !! :thumbsup:

Lawrencia A (aka- Sugar pie on fb :p)


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Waqas Majeed. I am an animation student at SAE Dubai and i am up for this challenge will be working with:
[li]Modeling Environment

I am quiet excited and ready to go…
Cheers! :thumbsup:


Hi ,

I am Dilen Shah. I am taking part in this challenge as Modeller, Rigger, Renderer (Mental Ray).

I wil do my best.


the pre-visualization of the story and the monster looks very interesting cant wait to work on it !! :smiley: :bounce: