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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Modelling the U.F.O.


Software: Photoshop

Finally some new input.

i quickly drawed this Concept art to sketch my 3 settings; i m going to go for this story.

1: the shortest: OUTER SPACE … as their coming

2: Some old looking (50-60s) living Room , where a guy is sitting and watching the bad news about some Visitors from Space, trying to conquer our beloved earth.

3: THE LANDING: an Exterior Location , where the Aliens will land. This location is quite important as it will make the joke happen or not :wink: after the aliens conquered earth, they realise that they landed in a backyard in a sandbox, where kids are playing with sand, they didnt make the conquer, they missedSCALE in their plan. They thought of being landed in a desert, but they just hit the sandbox.

as i already said, i will go for a pseudo DANGEROUS story and get some jokes and laughter in it. Hope it will work.

Crits and Comments very appreciated.


Software: CINEMA 4D

little Wip of my “Title Logo” and the First Setting/ Intro Shot …


Software: CINEMA 4D

i had a little spare time tonight, so i started some asset modelling for my interior shots in the living room infront of a TV …


Software: CINEMA 4D

and here is the sofa i came up with, where my charakter recieves the invasion news via a live report on the TV screen …


Software: CINEMA 4D

little more assets …


Software: CINEMA 4D

quick concept modelling of a retro-looking TV remote, cause i want to settle the story in around 30 yrs ago :slight_smile: … hope you like it …


This looks great and I like the idea of a misplaced landing! :slight_smile:


Looks Interesting Idea man. Keep It Up :slight_smile:


Software: CINEMA 4D

just another furniture for my living room … as i am getting more and more rough modells, i gonna start to modell the living room in the next few working hours to design the living room and place everything right and than i will start to block the story, to get a feeling for the cam movements and camera angels… hope to get this done till end of the week, but dunno if i will get the time to really finish it till sunday … some more assets to come :wink:

hope you like it …


Software: CINEMA 4D

getting the scene together … roughly :wink: need to modell some Window shelf and some accessories aswell :slight_smile:


Software: CINEMA 4D

allright i think i got it to a decent number of Cameras to solve this sequence … lighting needs some work, aswell as some modells need some extra time … just left them this way to go and get a feeling for the sequence.

Any Comments welcome …


i started working out the plot a bit more, and getting some b movie feeling into it.
Here we go:



The INVADERS travel by their UFO trough the outer space towards our planet earth. The UFO is going straight to earth when it is hit by a little meteor. The UFO bounces a bit but stays on course

Average Joe, a common guy in a common city, is watching the news on TV. The programm is interrupted , because the T.I.N.Y has discovered some foreign shuttles in our atmosphere. The TV shows some RADAR pictures, aswell as some maps
where the U.F.O flew by.
We intercut between some OVERSHOULDERS of JOE , the TV and some impressions of his FACE. WHILE his face expressions turn more and more from „YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME“ to a „HOLY SHIT KIND OF FEAR“

After passing the atmosphere, the U.F.O is about to land to start the invasion. After some difficult flying manoevres, the UFO finally touches ground, in a dusty, brownish environment.
After some ZISCH and WOSHES the UFO‘s door is opening. Finally the door hits the dusty ground. An alienlike creature walks down the walkway. In its hand is a foreign flag. While it is coming towards us, there ́s some strange, ugly sounding radio transmission going on (with some funny translation subtitles).
As the Alien arrives at a little hill, it pushes the flag into the ground and declares that it‘s now THEIR planet. It smiles proudly, suddenly his face turns desperate.
In a POV it sees what‘s going on. It ́s standing in a sandbox, somewhere in a human backyard. But the Alien is too small to even escape from thissandbox. As it realizes, there ́s only a little gasp left before the alien breakds down desperatly.
Average Joe slowly peeks through the window, very carefully. He sees the small UFO and the even smaller Alien and starts laughing at it. He walks out into his backyard, bends over the sandbox and keeps laughing.
The Alien – still angry – lifts his head, sees Joe and shoots off one of his fingers! Joe stops laughing and sees his finger falling to the ground and shouts out one long loud scream! He quickly stumbles back into his house and throws the door shut.
The window shutter is pulled down and the UFO rises in front of the win- dow. The cut-off finger is just soaked into the UFO. One second after that the UFO enhances and is now twice as big as it was before.

Joe is hiding in his kitchen. Everything is darkened. He‘s frightended and has already put a tissue around his hand. He is looking around, hears a sound of shattering glass and puts the light off. Everything is dark now.
Joe is breathing quietly, but his heart beats audibly. he hears another awkward sound. Suddenly the UFO is in the kitchen and puts on a headlight. Joe screams, the UFO sabers off his head.
It‘s getting dark again and the sound of soaking up his head and body is all you can hear.

Average Joe is watching the news on TV. The programm is interrupted, because the T.I.N.Y has discovered some foreign shuttles in our atmosphere. The TV shows some RADAR pictures, aswell as some maps where the U.F.O flew by.
Joe wakes up. Sees the pictures on TV. He‘s scared, jumps to the window. And sais so- mething in a strange, ugly sounding voice (with some funny translation subtitles). The camera pans to the sandbox und zooms onto a human hand that sticks out.



Software: CINEMA 4D

starting out to design the outdoor part of the scene … the garden/the sandbox, where half of the action will take place. started out with the sandbbox and as i dont hve any experience with cg trees and stuff, i m a bit afraid of them :slight_smile: so i come to the conclusion, that maybe some “hedge” as kind of a “border” could help to “close in” the setting without really showing that there´ not much behind :wink: but i think 10 trees or something would kill my machine , as i m working on that project with my laptop.

any thoughts about that issues?


I think a good idea that will help your machine is…make the scene low polygon, I saw a couple of furniture that was too high poly…


thanks for your suggestion kadam.

but i think i really stayed lowpoly , the whole scene has around 4000 polys, the highpoly parts you see come from hypernurbs subdivision, to get som smooth edges, nothing more, i really try to stay with simple shapes and simple objects … but i ll consider keeping them with less polys … thanks dude!



Software: CINEMA 4D

little update, as i started to modell out my 2nd room, next to the living room, the kitchen.

i started out with sketching my charakters and will publish some sketches soon, as the first direction will be clear, as long as for that i m modelling some of the environment as i m much clearer with that atm :slight_smile:


Software: CINEMA 4D

i started texturing and shading today …

i really like with what i came up for the fridge, i think i will rework the shelf again, too photoreal wood. Or what do you guys m girls think?


Software: CINEMA 4D

i tried some Looks , that i got in my mind on how the film should look like…

Here are some Examples i came up with. Feel free to comment, and even critic would be apreciated.


Hi deagel,
since you applied for critics here are mine :slight_smile:
first off look for master zap’s reply to this thread about rendering :

then here is googled tv shot:

and at last I’d rethink if you really need so much of DOF, since it’s not looking pretty.

some time ago i tryed to do 60s looking tv screen here is what I got - http://digi-est.deviantart.com/art/monitor-me-92436153

hope that was at any help to you. :slight_smile: