B-Movie Entry: Alexander Brown


Hey Al - great job on this shot. It looks pretty good as is and I’m sure once you finish with your tweaks it will be even better. The first building in the foreground has a piece of rubble that seems to fall a little odd. It shoots up a little before it falls with the rest of the rubble. Not sure if that is one thing that you were fixing with fumefx.


Software: 3ds max

I just realized I hadn’t posted what the final monster is going to look like. Been so busy trying to get all my renders going, forgot to show its final version. I am going to start rendering the turn arounds for the making of now. Hopefully tomorrow I can post some of the final shots.


yes all is super…destruct and fumfx
how? héhé :wip: i have search some good exemple how to make debris and particules like u…but didn t find it :cry:
good continuance :thumbsup:


Well, JUDZIGN, there is a very long fumefx thread on Cg talk here that I have been learning from. Also, you can check out the area, because there are some sweet tutorials in there. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


really thank you for all this information which are indeed going to help me for evolution :bowdown:


Software: 3ds max

Here is a shot of the monster after he gets his ice chopped off and starts spewing steam. I wish I had time to redo the fumefx simulation with a smaller grid size, but that takes forever. Also need to do some color tweaks to match up the plates better. I am having difficult using my zdepth pass in nuke to acheive a DOF effect, so I will probably just use AfterFx.

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Software: After Effects

This is a rough cut of our trailer with some of the effects shots in it. Many shots are still left out even though they are done because this is just for timing, music, and sound fx. This weekend is when we will get the chance to put it all together.

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Software: 3ds max

Here is a quick 360 turn around thats going to be used in the making of.

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Software: 3ds max,After Effects

This is our truck flip scene and its almost done, yay! I have been trying to learn Nuke while comping these shots together and I feel much slower than with After Fx, but I must say I like the nodal approach better than layers. I hope we can finish on time!

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this shots is realy cool!

i can feel your pain with Nuke comparing to AE. Nuke is much better soft i belive and much more powerfull (cool nodes) but if you want do something realy fast AE is better choise for Nuke begginers… :slight_smile: and for sure if you want to put all scenes together


Fantastic work on this shot.
My notice is that monster looks to sharp in composition. Two things on my mind:
Did you use motion blur? I can see you probably did, but monster’s cutout layer borders looks way to sharp (and dark 1/2 px envelope) it pops out and kills perception of motion blur. If you have time to make it this would be sweet


Thanks for the comments!

fgdf - Yes I did use motion blur, but in post. As for the dark edge around the monster, nothing a little erode and edge blur couldn’t fix! :thumbsup: I still don’t really understand how Nuke reads in these premultiplied images. I check on premultiply in the Read node, but it only fixes it somewhat. I also am definitely going to increase the shutter samples of the motion blur for the final output.


Software: After Effects

We braved the frozen tundras. We illegally climbed parking structures. We sacrificed our once-terrific postures in front of our computer screens. We gave this project whatever we could, and had a load of fun along the way. For the past few months, while living and breathing the cg, video, and music of our video, we came to appreciate the work that goes into the production of a film on a deeper level than we once had.

So having survived the thrills, spills and chills of this challenge, we ask you to please apply your chap stick and brace yourself for the story of a man who thought his life was tragically mundane until one day, one slip of his consciousness hurled him into a world of his own creation; a world in which total control was just a figment of his imagination…

Ice Rage: A New Climate of Fear.

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good luck


yeah ^^
good project we have here !!
nice job :slight_smile:

of course, this shot is pretty cool , when the 44 rollover But why do your charactere have to jump into the 44? why not just run around ^^ he have big monster just behind him and he prefere climbing the car ^^
i wish you the best , good luck :slight_smile:


Beuda - well, if you must know, I was going to put some rocks there for the monster to bust through, but there simply wasn’t enough time for all that. Besides, its more B-movie like for the main character to do over the top acting when it comes to action scenes! Why do the boring thing and run around the truck? :wink:

Anyways, setting up that truck flip shot was a huge task. We basically dragged it to the location that was about 10 miles away, with me sitting in the truck trying to steer it with a very destroyed front, end watching the ground go by though a huge hole in the dashboard, as another truck towed it. I just wish we could have got some b-roll of that to put in the making of. I think people underestimate the challenges of bringing a live action piece together unless you actually try to do it, especially one with stunts! The hardest part for me was organizing everything and everyone to meet on a specific day and have the weather be in our favor. The whole first day of shooting (the b-roll from our making of) was scraped because of poor weather and lighting.

Well after 3 non-consecutive days of shooting, two hours of footage, 400 gigs of space, and 2 minutes of final video, I think we are all pleased with the final result. Hope to have an HD version soon.

Thanks for watching! :wavey:


Nice Job !
Very interesting character and effects.
The pick-up scene is amazing. It was your car.
Good job guys.


Well put Al, this was a monumental task. People shouldn’t try to look too deep into reasons behind the decisions we made. Most likely these decisions were intentional for the sake of the “B-Movie” feel.

Also, I must say filming was miserable at times (for me at least!) but I could not be happier with the results. Kudos to Al, excellent job man, we couldn’t have done it without you. I learned a lot from this guy through this whole process. Even through heated arguments (I was still right most of the time) things always turned out.

Now, let them be judged!


Got an HD version on youtube now.
Check it out!


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