B-Movie Entry: Alexander Brown


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Latest Update: Finished Video: FINAL SUBMISSION


Here is our team so far and main roles. More specific roles to be determined.

Alexander Brown - Team Leader, Director, Rigging, Animation, Visual Effects Lead
Matt Geerling - Co-Director, Storyboards, Screenplay, Sound Design
Jason Heuser - Concept Artist, Modeling, Set Construction
Salim Muhammad - Storyboards, Concept Artist, Modeling
Robert VanderStelt - Visual Effects Artist, Modeling

As you can see there is a great deal of task sharing among members. Some are great artists who are new to 3d, so there will be some hurdles to overcome. But in the end, we will not fail!


Here is our script for now.


MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Man sits at a drawing table staring blankly at the camera.

CLOSE UP: Clock ticking away very very slowly. Cut to EXTREME CLOSE UP (ECU) of second hand.


Grinding gears and then a slamming metal door sound for the final tick of the second hand.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Man takes a very purposeful bite of a non-descript cured beef product (LOLzies) and looks down.

CLOSE UP: Slow shallow zoom on a drawing of an ice monster. Cut to ECU of Man’s eyes and then back to ice monster.


Sound of deafening silence swells

MASTER: Man smacks his hands on the drawing table and glides away from his desk on his rolling chair, dragging his feet as he comes to a stop.

MEDIUM: BIRDS EYE VIEW (BEV) directly above man slouched in chair. Flakes of snow blow across the floor from behind him. He leans over to take a closer look.

INt./EXT. apartment/Snowy field

CLOSE UP: Mans face is looking down at the floor and then he slowly looks up. The camera pulls back as he does so to reveal, not the back of his room, but a snowy field. His eyes widen and the camera pulls up and away from him, tilting downward keeping him in frame. He is holding a large t-square. A shadow casts over him from off camera. A beast lumbers into the frame and obscures the man as the camera continues to pull back.

MEDIUM: Monster and man are face to face. Ice crystals on the beast’s back bristle in the wind. The monster snorts steam into the air.

MEDIUM: Camera facing man. Man lifts t-square overhead to strike.

MEDIUM: Monster swats man away with a giant, icy arm. Man flies one direction, his t-square flies the other.

LONG: Camera rests on ground. In the distance, out of focus, the man lands back-first on the ground. In the foreground, in focus, the t-square skewers the ground. Rack focus on man who sits up and eyes his weapon. The monster stomps a giant foot in between the man and his t-square.

CLOSE UP: Man’s face.



CLOSE UP: Monster’s face snarls.

MEDIUM: Man in the foreground, creature in the BG. Man jumps up and sprints away from the monster, towards the camera and then off frame. The monster takes off after him.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Man running away from monster, circling back toward the t-square. He looks off camera (towards the t-square).

LONG: 70s style zoom in to the t-square, POV of man.

CLOSE UP: Man looks where he’s running again in time to see a broken down truck in his path.

MASTER: From behind man: Man leaps into bed of truck.

MEDIUM: Man runs over top of truck cab and onto the hood.

MASTER: Creature coming up behind the truck. Man leaps off the hood as the creature grabs the truck and heaves it off to the side (slow-mo?).

MEDIUM: Man roughly lands on the ground and scrambles to the t-square and rips it out of the ground.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Man chokes up on the t-square like a baseball bat and spits on the ground.

MEDIUM: The creature is upon him and it lunges and hulk smashes the ground. The man sidesteps and delivers a wild blow to the beast’s shoulder, nicking an ice crystal and loosening it from the creatures body.

CLOSE UP: Steam pours from the wound. Creature groans and pushes the loose crystal back into place, sealing the steam inside.

CLOSE UP: Zoom into mans face as he realizes the monster’s weakness. His face grows evermore intense. He grits his teeth and runs towards the camera.

MEDIUM: Still looking at man from the front. Running forward, he lifts the t-square over his head and does a front flip, coming down on a large ice crystal in the creature’s chest with the business end of the t-square. In last half of his flip, his momentum, combined with the t-square firmly lodged in an ice crystal, rips the crystal from the creatures chest and steam explodes out from the wound.

MEDIUM: The monster roars in pain and thrashes its arms about, trying pathetically to plug the hole with its hands. As it’s face contorts, the entire creature solidifies like a instantly frozen ice cube.

CLOSE UP: The creature falls forward and the camera follows suit, tilting backward into a WORMS EYE VIEW, where the creature shatters, revealing our hero in the most epic of poses: A wide stance with t-square in hand, resting on the ground like a heavy battle axe… AND HE’S LOOKING DOWN AT THE GROUND LIKE A BADASS OMG!

MEDIUM: 70s style zoom into the hero’s face as he lifts the t-square up into both hands and looks up from the ground into the camera. When fully zoomed into his eyes, he blinks a few times in bewilderment; he’s now back in his apartment, standing in the middle of the room, gripping his t-square with both hands. Paper is shuffling around on the floor in a slight breeze.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Our hero takes a deep breath, but even before he can let it out all the way, he hears a deafening boom outside, and the whole room shakes.

MEDIUM: He darts to the window where he sees a dust cloud rolling through the city streets.



MEDIUM: Another deafening boom and apartment rattling. Our hero pushes back from the window, turns and runs out of his apartment door.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Shaky camera trails behind hero’s feet as he bolts up the stairs and out onto the roof. As he pushes the door open, the light from the outside blows out the camera into blinding white.

CLOSE UP: Hero’s face as he slows to a halt and looks up.

MASTER: From behind hero: Over the building tops, he sees the ice monster looming, nearly 200 feet tall. The beast snorts steam and turns to face our hero.

CLOSE UP: Slight zoom. Hero’s face; FROZEN with fear (OH THE SYMBOLISM!!!11) Or he looks defiant/badass; don’t know how you want to end it.



Here is a concept piece for our ice monster done by Jason. He will have ice crystal protruding from his rocky flesh in areas which will act as formidable defense, but will also reveal his hidden weakness.


that is one bad ass monster, a cross between king kong and an icy swamp-thing.
not a monster id like to cross!


Software: 3ds max

This is a shader test I have been working on for the monster in our project.

Play Video >>


The shaders look really frosty! Can’t wait to see them applied to the monster. :slight_smile:


Here is the first iteration of our monster’s base mesh. I made it from Zpheres and retopoed using Zbrush.


looking good so far :slight_smile:

think i like the bullet shape of the head/neck of the creature in the concept sketches more than the base mesh, but either way is good.

shader test was nifty too. render times long?


Yeah, I have been in the process of reworking the base mesh to add ice crystals to the body in a matter that correlates to the story. Also, the render times for that ice crystal were about 5 min. a frame at 720p. If I were to add more transparency and physically correct shadows it jumps to about 20 minutes a frame. Caustics adds an extra 10 minutes. I still have some tweaking to do with mental ray if I want a physically correct shader, but I am hoping I can fake it in most of the shots that aren’t close ups.


Ahh awesome. I really like the feel of the concept art, it’s got a sinister ape-like quality too it (not that i’d met many sinister apes!). I’ll be really interested to see how you tackle the ice crystals growing out, should look awesome :slight_smile:

Yeah I think the 5min result looking pretty sweet.

Faking is probably a really decent way to go with the time limits on this one too. I’ve been thinking about baking some caustics into my environments to help with render times too. Especially useful if I get the envs out early and can bake overnight.

Also, I guess that’s the cool thing about ice is that there’s so many varieties of it you can probably pick and choose ‘types’ to speed you up if render times start to creep :slight_smile:


Here is a paint over of the ice crystals we want to add to him.


Great character. Hope youll add more details.

Shader is super, and ready to be applied.

Good luck!


You can look at the storyboard .pdf file here.

These are the storyboards created by Salim and Matt. There are some changes in the works but the overall concept remains. Other pages located in the .pdf file mentioned above.


Here is our ice monster. The modeling and texturing will hopefully be done by next weekend. We actually shot some film this passed weekend, but some of it looks pretty bland so hopefully this next weekend we can shoot some better stuff. I will be putting some of that footage up soon.


Software: Nuke / After Effects

Here is a truck roll over scene we shot the other day. I took the plate of Salim running and comped him over the truck roll over plate by rotoscoping him out. I also painted out the cable used to flip the truck over then added camera movement and shake. Now I just have to finishing rigging the monster so we can start putting him into the scenes.

I used Nuke for the first time to roto and paint on this shot. I have been training in it for a couple months now and this is the first opportunity to apply that knowledge. It is very confusing at first, but now I find it very intuitive.

We also decided to change the name to “Ice Rage: A New Climate of Fear” rather than “Project Daydream”. Matt is currently working on a new logo as well.

I hope to have a rough comp of all the shots up soon, but we still have some more shooting to do.

Play Video >>


WOOW! so cool !
Cant wait see it composed with cgi!

first i thought it was rendered :slight_smile:


Nope we flipped a truck for reals! Just an old junker that Jason’s uncle had sitting around. Pretty fun stuff.


Yeh, I thought it was CGI to start with :slight_smile:

I can imagine the comp on this but it’s going to be fun to see what you do.

Can’t wait!


Wow. Good (and bad for me) to see another live action entry in this thing. Keep it coming.