B-Movie Entry: Adrian Lazar


Software: XSI

Hi guys,

I think that this is the final version of the trailer.
The only thing left is to ask again at the FAQ if I can submit this as the final version without having to cut a 30s version first as that’s too little considering that my entire entry is only 80s. Also I need to post the storyboard before I’ll be able to post the final version.

Tell me what do you think,

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Finally it worked… just that now is way too compressed and also if I’ll add the making-of it will be too big (around 40 mb) and I didn’t managed to upload something that big…I’ll keep trying


Superb! I adore it!

It fits the brief perfectly IMHO and is so reminiscent of the B movie genre .

Well done bud :beer:


imho of all the entries i’ve seen, yours by far stays true to the “b-movie” theme which at the same time is also entertaining! not sure if this version is the final since i was hoping for some cheesy space invasion music and commentary, like that clip from Pixar’s “the incredibles” no more supers…the noise and flickering (tho a nice touch) feels a bit too much…but those are just my nit picks…best of luck! :beer:




Awsome , makes me search for the actual movie :bowdown: . The only trailer here that captured 100% the B-movie Style



Very funny ! i love your lowbudget effect ^^

And the shot in the space city is very hot too, i love it!
the only critique i can tell you it’s it would be better with a typical b movie music like this here.

good job man !


Software: XSI

Hi guys,

This is my final entry.
For me B-Movie equals low budget + cheesy idea + bad execution. I wanted to create a trailer for a classic B-movie: made in the 50s, heavy use of miniatures, lot’s of errors during shooting like visible wires and very low quality special effects.

After having it confirmed that the 30-60sec of the teaser is just a guideline and since my full trailer is just 20sec more I decided tu put the entire trailer at the beginning. I tried tu cut-it to 60sec but because the entire trailer so short it looked very bad.

A big thanks to everyone for the valuable feedback received during this contest!
I had a great time working for this contest and I hope all others had the same.
Good luck to everyone else who’s participating!

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I’ve search for some music but didn’t found any that I could use (copyright problems) but also I saw that some trailers from the 50’s didn’t had music at all or very little.


hey Adrian, great finish. Heavy composition work. Although I am not a huge fan of synthetic film hairs, scratches and other glitches, it has a nice graphical feel to it. Good job again.

BTW: I am in the same situation with trailer around 80sec long. I see you didn´t cut yours down to 30sec so I am curious if that´s okay for the jury. Did you get any information related to it? Thanks.


great! a total B-Movie!


Very nice!Great job!Good luck with your entry!(Arata foarte bine si reprezinta stilul B-Movie.BRAVO)


Nice one !
I love the old look !
great job everywhere !
I wish you the best !


oh my god :eek:
Pretty cool job. I love the style and the animation.
Great job !!!


Thanks a lot guys, I’m glad you like it and best of luck to you too!


well done! this is top class stuff and i really enjoyed following your progress.
best of luck!


A mannn this is a really awsome work.:beer:


Thanks and good luck to you too guys!
Vimmy, as I said before your’s is my favorite entry, amazing skills man, imagine that animated :smiley:


Hey Adi,
Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Congratulations on the Challenge entry, it looks really great! Best wishes and plenty of luck with the contest mate!


Hello mate,
Thanks for the kind words and yeah, here you can see the reason why you didn’t heard from me lately :slight_smile:


Adrian your work really is amazing…I believe for a moment that i watch really a trailer of a
B-Movie film.Congratulations man…Excellent work…