B-Movie Entry: Adrian Lazar


Thanks guys!

andreasng: This is the exact same thing that my wife keeps saying to me :smiley: The problem is that I need that text if I won’t narrate the trailer (accent is my main concern). Now, I could get rid of the “flowers” from the corners and make it a simple text on a simple background but then it would look to boring and forced, out of context. I still have to decide if it’s wort it keeping the text as it is now (that, like you said resembles the one from the silent movies) and add sound (music and effect) so it could get a little confusing why does the trailer have text if you can add sound (and a narration).

kybel: you are right about those and I already turn them down a lot. A lot of people have complaint about those and they and you where right :slight_smile: I’m working at the final shot now but I don’t think I’m gonna post something new until the entire trailer is finished, with sound and everything. But I’ll post some making off scene next week.


no wait. You most likely have seen trailers for the old Godzilla movies or one of the inspiration videos in the inspirational section of this challenge. There is alot of “non-silent-movie” text all over the place. Its just a matter of finding the right style for the text.
So if you converted the "silent-movie"text boards with big “scary” texts coming at the audiences face, while the narrator says exactly what the text says, you’ll be fine.

you already got it, its just illustrated with the style of an incorrect era.

and as i said before. This is great, and by far the best video of the challenge.



Hej Andreas,

Thanks for the suggestion, I completely forgotten about this possibility. I’ll test how it works ASAP. My main concern is that the shots I rendered are too short to work well with overlapping text. Being too short you won’t be able to see what’s going on if the text will stay for at least 2 seconds so that you have time to read it.

Thank again,


You could easily get away with having a dodgy freeze frame when the text appears (keep all the scratches and slipping going), and then un-freeze when the text disappears. I’m sure this sort of low-tech hack fits with the whole B-Movie theme anyway.

Looking great, keep it up…


that is actually a very good idea and it is very 60ies 70ies godzilla like.


haha this is looking amazing!1!onehundredeleven

i hope you nail it with the sound effects and music! but from the looks of it, it seems like you’ve done your research…good luck! :thumbsup:


This is SYLE!!! I like it so much .
As was said above the text is from different era, but it doesn’t ruin whole picture.
Good luck !


Thanks guys!
I’m working on the final shot right now and I should finish that this weekend. Then I’ll start working on sound and on the making of.
The only problem I see is if I need to cut a 30 or 60 seconds version to show first, then the making of and then the full trailer. I’m trying to keep the entire trailer under 2 minutes so maybe I can put the full one at the beginning and then the making of. I’ll have to be sure that it’s OK as I would hate to be disqualified for a technicality like this.
I plan to finish the entire entry no later the 11th of April and I would like to keep some surprises until then but still share the making of with the community.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you too!


good plan, you have almost done. Movie fits exacly to subject . Cant wait for suprises you cooking :slight_smile:

About final submit, i saw entrys with all blended in one (trailer, full video and making of) and as separated. Best would be to ask on FAQ wich way is best for judging.

Im wondering about one thing. Can i ask what you using for encoding your video for flv. Im using for riva encoder - but it seams to cut of around 10 frames from beginning of video. Do you know better way of preparing flv file? thanks in advance,


Hi Staszek,
I’m glad you like it, I can’t wait to see your final entry also!

About the encoding, I’m also using the free RIVA FLV found on the Deliverables page but I didn’t notice any problem. I don’t know if it matters but I’m outputting from the editing software in quicktime .mov format using the Animation codec and then I convert this to FLV using RIVA.

I hope you will solve the problem and good luck with the entry :wink:


thanks AdrianLazar,
i was doing the same but with uncompressed avi in exchange of quicktime. I tryed quicktime and was the same problem with cuting firsts frames. Its probably some other problem i will look n to it later.
thanks again,


Come on, man! Don’t be lazy. Show us some updates!


Software: XSI

Hi guys,

While I still have some minor stuff to tweak for the final entry (mainly sound) here is the making of. I think that this part is done, unfortunatly I can’t get rid of the encoding errors that are visible at the beginnig of the video…

Let me know what do you think,

Play Video >>


winner ! :wink:


cool, I like making of more then the final result. I mean clean and shaded version works better for me.
emfluids and ice are nice too can’t compete with max’es fume and box2 but still pretty interactive :slight_smile:

actually till now i was under an impression that you did your trailer using miniatures - good job!


nOice! i also just noticed your demo reel link…some of the stuff on there i remember seeing before but never knew they were all yours. until now. dun dun duuuunnnn.

good luck.


Just congrats for this great work. Great style


making of looks great. I like very much modeling, texturing… lets say everything :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see those new shots you did (like this with rocket on planet)

Great work!


Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it. Right now I’m trying to find a way to get rid of the annoying compression artefacts.

Best of luck to you too!


Software: XSI

Hi guys,

Here is the storyboard. I know it looks very very bad but it was never ment to be shown, it’s something tht I did for me just to make stuff a little clearer at the beginning of the contest. A lot have changed in the actual production anyway.

Btw, i’ve been trying to upload an almost final of hte trailer version since yestarday with no luck :frowning:

Play Video >>