B-Movie Entry: Adrian Lazar


Software: XSI

Hi guys,

New render, the editing is of course wip, also a few shots are still missing (including the money shot and the lunar base shot). I’m not sure about the text, I’m still thinking if it’s better this way or should I use voice to narrate the trailer.

Remaining shots:

  • Robot destroys building 2
  • Panoramic view with the city under attack by several robots and the ufo
  • Humans launching rocket to the moon
  • Lunar base

Let me know what do you think,

Play Video >>


I caught myself thinking to kick my LCD so it would show a better reception. May be what bothers me is this vertical shifts, I cant really concentrate on action. Other noise is ok - hair and dust.

You definately nailed the 50s look. Sort of - Plan 9 from Outer Space :slight_smile:


Brilliant I like your work in every aspect here.
keep it up!


very nice !


Really great work!

I agree with Digiboxoffice about the vertical shift and jumping frames. Theres too much of it; Its kind of making me dizzy!


This is great, you nailed the genre very well! Two thumbs up.


Definitely a tad less vertical shifts…but nailed nonetheless :smiley:


The burning flying saucer test is absolutely amazing. :eek:
Very good job.

I have a flying saucer in my project but it will be a real one scale model :slight_smile:


This is A REALLY GREAT JOB! The style is B-MOVIE on his glory!Best to you man!:thumbsup:


great entry, very well done :slight_smile:


Thanks guys,
I’m glad you like it! And you are right about the “jumpiness” of the footage, it’s to much and it’s irritating, i’m gonna turn it down a little.


you are only missing the old-style scratchy music.
I think it would be funny to have one more effect after you advertise “…and special effects”
…one final explosion


well done!


I agree with the suggestions to tone down the vertical looping.
Otherwise, the film is fantastic. I absolutely love the shadows, especially in scene with the crashing burning saucer. Great job!


Great job!! Really cool b-movie style!
Good luck


Great work!

The only thing it needs now is a sound track, try using some Theremin music.



Hey adrian…really really great work. I like it and here is just a thought I got about you saying you still wonder over the text…Why not “Have you ever wondered what lies on…” -----> first shots------> and than the title …THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON appears! In any case it is drawing enaugh attention so I can say itll be understandable :slight_smile: I do not want to say that your idea and realization so far are the most unique but definitely are original as hell!
Cheers from Bulgaria, Stefan


Hi guys,
Thanks a lot for the kind words and suggestions :wink: and good look to you too!

I hope to finish the trailer before 1st of April (with sound) so that I’ll have time to make the wip part.


NO COMMENT :thumbsup:



your entry is extremely well done. A very high standard i must say!

there is one thing that is weird though, and that is the “silen movie” text boards combined with the much later 60ies 70ies movie look.

if that is taken care of, then its actually pretty perfect.


wow how did i missed this. for me, the most on topic entry this year :slight_smile:

my only crit would be that sometimes the old film jittering and jumping is too major and a bit distracting.